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Ambridge, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Friday 13. March 2020
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Shape: Star-like | Duration: 03:00:00

I noticed while walking my dog a light in the night sky, and it appeared to be moving. now i live on the flight path to/from pittsburg airport, so aircraft at night are not unusual. but this is moving around a specific point in the sky, rocking left to right mostly around a 1 in area from my vantage point. it seems like something trying to imitate the stars and i thought i saw a faint search light beam coming from it tonight, while observing the earth. i've been seeing this since late summer. i've seen it with aircraft flying near it in the sky (although not tonight). where i live i face west along the ohio river. with railroad tracks on both sides, with the western side also with pa state route 51 alongside a mountain ridge. on that ridge there is a light tower that blinks for aircraft avoidance. i've seen this lite a couple times a week at night, by morning it's gone. but it doesn't follow the earths rotation like stars in the sky would. most times it moves in the sky from one point to another what i figure are large distances and i don't see it, for example, high above and to the right of the aircraft warning light blinking on the mountain ridge, i go on doing what i'm doing and look back for it and it's south across the sky along the ridge, if i held a ruler up to the sky maybe 10 or so inches from my livingroom/bedroom window. this is mostly how it changes position in the sky, it moves slowly enough when it does this that you don't realize it's moving more than the rocking arc as it stays in the same general spot in the sky. twice i notice it doing something different. two monday nights ago, there were alot of clouds in the sky and i saw it in a clear patch as i walked bronx my dog. i figured it would be covered by a cloud and that's that because most of the sky was cloudy that night. so i get to walking back up walnut street, looking through the trees at this light, when i noticed that light from it appeared to be reflected off the clouds that were behind it, it was moving slowly south because i watched through the trees and as it moved, branches would obscure it for a moment before it seemed to pull into the clouds and the light disappeared. only to reappear back through the clouds about three inches farther south from where it pulled back into the clouds a minute or two later! also, in december 2019 i went to see star wars rise of skywalker at the dependable drive in, and this same light that night, the 27th i think it was, was behind some trees moving in that rocking fashion to the left of the screen and behind some trees when the movie started. but when the movie finished, from my vantage point it was now above the screen about a third of the way down it, if that makes sense. i've been seeing this thing like i said for months! back in september after my ex-girlfriend had visited me and she saw it with me in september 2019, i began to look at it with low powered field glasses. the lights seemed to be in a triangular shaped as a white light appeared at the top most point and another below and to the left while another was across from it, below and to the right of the first point of light. other lights blinked, yellow, red, green, blue, puple, sometimes at the bottom right corner beside the white light, but most often along the flat sides and bottom, at the midpoint. i thought about, and am still thinking about buying a telescope that i can hook up my smart phone to to record this. it seems to me to want to imitate stars to be less noticable. except they are too bright and they don't follow the rotation of the earth as a time or two the full moon would move past it in the sky during the night and i'd notice it. in the summer of 1995 i was deployed to haiti with my unit 1st squadron, 2nd armored cavalry regiment, and i saw something similar, from the little window in the porta-john while working night shifts at the toc. i couldn't believe what i was seeing then, as i was there everytime i needed to relieve my self at the latrine. so much so that i brought high powered military binoculars and i lad upon my back on the ground and watched this thing's movement, extremely fast in the sky before it stopped in the same general area in the night sky, lights blinking and changing like they do on stars at night. but i laid down to make sure the first time, i saw what i thought i saw and that it was moving. it was, and i used the binoculars to look closer, there were four lights, with two on top closer together than the two on the bottom, with lights flashing from them or between each light of every color. i noticed something else too! there were three in the sky, far apart in the sky from one another (sometimes more) with the light i was looking at above me in the sky, and one on each horizion at times two directions, soemtimes mroe in the sky, one a north, south, east, western horizons about an inch or three above the horizon. there's more to tell, and an incident my ex-wife had when we were married in 1997 or 98. a huge silent disk bigger than the quarry mountain in stroudsburg, pa, flying silently north along route 33. she thought she and the kids were about to be taken!

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