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Hohenwald, Tennessee (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 25. March 2020
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 02:00:00

I was outside with my little cousin after coming back from the store. we were having a chat when i started to point out basic constellations. i realized there was a massive bright light in the distance that was not twinkling. i was like well that's not a star. it started moving towards us! we could see it move and almost settle like a leaf falling off a tree going side to side and come to a dead stop and the bob up and down! the light from the object was the brightest in the sky by far and it was clear night out! we then seen objects and light shoot out of this bright star like object! we noticed a bunch of air craft i never seen before. they made no sound flashed a weird orange and red on the bottom. they would head towards the giant light the fly off and turn around after some distance and repeat. my cousin and i were standing by my truck when one flew about 200 feet above our head and stopped for few seconds to check us out! the second objects look like chevrons from a 1st class petty officer's arm. few mins after that we seen flashing! this was different than what the chevron objects blinked. the sky had lit up and this blue shaped v appeard and took off fast no sound! after for watching for 15 mins my uncle and his wife came out and observed the situation as well. the didn't see anything fly over head or the big blue v again but they seen the chevron objects and the giant star like sphere moving around! they were in amazement as well!

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