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Lexington, South Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 05. May 2020
Reported on
Shape: Cigar | Duration: 00:05:00

I'm not sure why i never reported or looked into this. i worked in global tech support with verizon at the time. sunday - thursday. i would usually get off around 11:30 pm eastern or later. i want to say this happened on a wednesday for some reason. the time period for the year would have been been between 2008 - 2010. note: there is an airport approximately 3 to 4 miles s - se from my house. cae. planes approaching the airport, fly s-se almost directly over my house when coming into land. my sighting was absolutely not an aircraft (of known origin.) i arrived home around 12 am give or take. i grew up in this neighborhood so i know exactly where i 'viewed' the object. i drove my usual route home, west bound from columbia, sc towards lexington/west columbia, sc. this was approximately 10 miles. i turned north bound onto my street and traveled approximately .2 miles to my house i noticed the object, as i got approximately 100 yards from my house. i turned right (east) into my driveway and parked facing east. i stopped in the driveway close to the street and got out of my ford ranger. from the street i looked north at the object for approximately 3 minutes. it could have been 4 or 5 mins though. it still bewilders me because i could tell (or at least it was my perception) that the object was black. and huge! it was moving westward slowly. i was viewing it approximately 3/4ths to a mile north of me. it was over an area where one of my best friends mom lives. it appeared to be a mile long. (i feel crazy describing this) sort of cigar shaped but the front part, heading west, was flattened down. i can only describe it as sort of like a cigar that was slowly crushed down to flatten it out at one end. the back end was more like one of those candy/bubblegum cigars you could get at a five and dime. i just remember saying 'what the f*** is that. i kept talking to myself trying to come up with an explanation. the object was silent from where i was at. i could not detect any noise that was unusual to my location. i said out loud... is that a blimp? it was moving really slow. what would a blimp be doing here? is it heading to atlanta? is there some sort of event a blimp would be at in sc? ok... so maybe it is and is heading somewhere but there is no way it could be a blimp because it is huge!!! i kept hoping it would light up with an advertisement that you see on blimps at sporting events. at the same time i kept saying, 'that is not a ufo. it is something else that i just can't see right.' but what? huge, black, silent, slow, weird kind of cigar shaped (ufos don't look like what i am seeing) the lights that were on the object did not stand out in any pattern. i just kept thinking, 'how do i see it's outline so clearly and can tell that it is black (deep black)?' i decided to head down to the end of my road and turn left (west) to see if i could get in front of it, close to i-20 so i could see it pass over me. i drove to put myself in its direct path but saw nothing. i remember waiting for about 10 minute scanning the sky. did it change its heading north? my question was at the time: if it is some sort of alien ship, what is it doing here? if it is scanning for something, why here? there is nothing of value in this location. it's fricken oak grove. how and why would it be so big? i do not believe i had any interaction with the anomaly. but i have always had an unconcerned type attitude to the experience. the memory would pop up here and there. sometimes when i would see a documentary on ufos and sometimes not. i don't really watch those documentaries because i can't remember one that seemed very good. not saying there are none out there but i havnt found one i can get all the way through. i know one thing about the whole situation, i would love to know what i perceived to see. that's my story. wish i had told it sooner so i could have given more definitive details from a fresher memory. the description however captures the event relatively well.

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