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Edgefield, South Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 02. April 2019
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Shape: Other | Duration: 08:00:00

On this particular night i went up onto a small mountain, the only one in the area. the terrain in the area is almost flat, except for this one mountain, approximately 650ft elevation. it was my 3rd trip in as many days to this spot where i often would go to contemplate and relax while looking out over the horizon in every direction. with a 30 to 40 mile view 360 degrees it can be quite beautiful and 20-30 miles from the nearest town. this particular mountain whether it is of concern or not contains high amounts of minerals from gold to kynite and others. the area sits along a known gold belt and i had researched the whole area before with thoughts of a mining claim. previous geological surveys of the sight confirmed my suspicions as to the possibility of gold and other rare minerals. the land is government owned. i had recently retired from the military and owned some very nice wet weather gear. on the drive out to the country side, i started to put it on as it started to rain slightly. i stopped off at a dairy a few miles before and picked up a couple of small chocolate milks to sip on while i sat on the small mountain top. i can't tell you why at this point i began to become stressed and felt as though i was being followed. i became very agitated even though there was no one to be seen anywhere. still something told me, i was being followed. leaving the military with a clear case of ptsd is not abnormal and this is what i chalked it up to. however, in my vehicle i had my ar-15 that i kept for protection when i would go out in to the country on nights like this. i loaded the clip and sat it on the passenger seat. my k9, an ex military dog was very relaxed it seemed and this helped to dispel my fears. arriving at the small mountain i started the climb up driving slowly and checking the area as i drove for anyone else who might be out there. i saw nothing. again i started to relax even more. knowing that once at the top any vehicle approaching would be seen for ten miles before they could get to the spot i would be in. i reached the top of the mountain and contrary to my usual actions i left the ar sitting in the car as well as my k-9. i walked over to a large boulder and sat down on it and lowered my head to relax and pray. it was no more than 2 minutes when i noticed the movement out of the corner of my eye and realized i was not alone. i considered my options. stay still and see what happens or make a move to the car to arm myself and let out my k9/ i listened carefully and sat still. being in complete camo and motionless, i watched and tried to gauge my situation. i needed to know how many people i was dealing with so i listened for movement etc. there was no sound that any ordinary person would make, nor wildlife. what i did notice though immediately was the slight whir sound that was coming from my left. i tilted my head slightly and that is when i noticed the red light aproximately 50-75 feet away hovering at around 575ft of elevation up against the mountain yet not on it. there was no shape that could be made of it, yet is made this steady low hum/whirling noise. the light was red and it slowly pulsated bright to off to bright taking about 3-4 seconds in each movement. the light was more or a diffused light almost as if the light had its own movement or particles or mass. when trying to describe it i would call it a diffused light that you could see move out and back in to off and back out again when on. being ex military my first thought was, oh great. i stumbled into a military exercise camo-d down and armed, albeit the weapon was in the truck. this ended all thought of going for the weapon. i then began to take note once gain of numbers,possible exits and just how in the hell to escape this mountain if needed. this is a very small mountain with only one road straight up and only one very long country road that leads beside it. my eyesight at this point had become very accustomed to the dark. i counted, there were two at the vehicle seemingly looking inside, the dog remained calm and never barked or became alarmed at their presence. two more were at my right plank approximately 25 yards away and two to my left, the light and one stood in front and to the left of me the light hovering off the mountain. two more came moving up the road. i was surrounded at this point i did what i came to do, relax. if they meant me harm then at this point i would have been harmed already. not being my first, nor last experience with phenomenon and other creations from outside of our known solar system , i knew i would be ok. others who have been with me when these encounters occur, still battle with fear to this day. yet, i see no reason why. anyway, i bowed my head and began to pray as i had came there for. as i prayed i noticed them slowly making there way closer and closer until after about 15 minutes 3 or four stood around me. they spoke to each other audibly. it sounded like english but i could not make out what they where saying to each other through the muffled tone or something. it is very hard to describe, knowing they are speaking english, knowing you can hear them yet my mind could decipher it. which makes no sense at all.. after about an hour of praying and watching to see what would occur i decided to leave. the overiding feeling i kept getting was this and it was almost as a message. that there was nothing i could do and i would not be harmed as well as if this was their intention again it would have happened already and there gain was nothing i could do to stop it. at this point i went to the vehicle and climbed in. i was relaxed more than i had been in months. i somehow knew what would happen next. this i cant explain either. i drove home. when i arrived home everyone was asleep in the house. the communication is hard to explain it is almost as a thought and my thought was now, take off my clothes and lay down and that everything was ok and would be. i did just that. i layed down considering the events of the night so far. questioning every move and moment. that is when i felt the first hand touch my foot. again i was told to relax yet not told. i felt something at that point i would call a small prick on the inside of my right leg closer to my ankle. slowly i felt something extremely small make its way up my leg and eventually into my lungs where it moved around for atleast an hour. there were three to four there at the time around me. i knew that i was ok during this. it is when they started to check out my heart that it became uncomfortable. i could feel this thing moving around inside of my heart. at one point i could feel i was about to pass out or die a heavy sweat broke out on me and that horrible feeling you get when you pass out came over me as i tried to fight it off. the last thing i said to them out loud was i'm blacking out. i am not sure how much time lapsed between the blackout and awakening. however, when i awoke they were still there and they let me know i was ok. again hard to explain how they communicated this. they continued to check me out at this point up until close to daylight. at a certain point they just left....They didnt walk away they moved away into what must have been a dimension or a cloak of some sort. you could see how they moved into it just as you can see someone who slowly moves behind a curtain, you can tell the curtain is hiding them and you know they are behind it. in this case there had to be a dimension as you could see them disappear into it. over the next two nights, after i would lay down they would reappear and check me out or do whatever it is they were doing. since that time i have had many more contacts with them or others. however, these were the first. this is the little bit of what i decided to tell. i have never researched aliens ufo's etc. by the way, the word alien from what i came to know is not appreciated as these preferred the word creations. as stated before there have been others who have been with me at points in my life and observed. the first within 25 miles of the mountain that took place on around 1990, my girlfriend and i were sitting in a car waiting for someone at the end of a dirt road. one moment its 1030 the next its 5 am and she is screaming here head off about being on a ship etc. i have a glimpse of being there but no solid recollection as she does. yet, i know 6 hours went somewhere and couldn't explain it at the time. i have had many instances of missing time with others in my life. other times, such as one with my wife and her story of them the bright lights shining through all the back windows in hour house at the time and everything going into slow motion and not being able to wake me up. while whatever it was sat in out back yard setting the house aglow. i have learned a lot from my observances and sometimes told of things that would happen or occur in my life. the last year the contact has been off and on but steady. i have seen and observed what we are told does not exist on many occasions going back to my childhood. i was told about things that have finally occurred in my life now, back when i was a teenager. i know that they have watched over me since i was a child, why? i don't know. i am just an average guy who went into the military and retired there. i have held security clearances but never been exposed to anything anyone would hold of value. i know what i know through experience and not others and feel no need to research. i know that there travel is somehow through magnetic propulsion and the magnetic lines of the earth etc. i am no scientist so that is as deep as i can go with that. they are dimensional beings as well able to move in and out of our own. for the most part we are victims of our own laws we have set as true and unable to truly understand what is reality and what reality is not. standing , sitting, laying and holding the hand or having a hand layed upon you for the first time blows away all of your known reality and forces you to question truth. if and i say with a big if the government knew or knows of these other creations and holds back it is because truly as a law of nature it would be a mass hysteria among the population. is is not an issue of cool dude there aliens here now. the hysteria among countries and citizens alike fearing their security would be disastrous. the others have been here since the creation of time and will be. they are not held to the laws of nature that we created that constrain us. as a civilization we are not ready. the key being civil. when governments and people alike begin to not look at technology of others as a way to dominate the world then maybe we will be ready to take the next step in knowing.

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