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Goonellabah, New South Wales (Australia)

Sighted on Thursday 26. March 2020
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 00:04:00

Upon seeing the orange oval shaped light when i go outside frequently to watch the stars as it's a favourite pastime i've always done. i noticed it make a couple of slow paced but directional moves .It had two black lines either side from the corners of the oval coming in a third each side on a slight angle. it then at a steady pace not fast much as the same speed as a normal aeroplane by the time it was moving further north the light of the oval dissapeared and it turned into a red distinct flashing red spot, but not the same as an aeroplane as it was slightly larger and held the red light when it flashed longer . then it dissapeared beyond treeline i could no longer see it.

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Mudgeeraba 2021-05-26 Round white dancing orbs 5 minutes
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Bilambil Heights, NSW (Australia) 2015-11-01 glowing green ball 10 sec
Alstonville, New South Wales (Australia) 2015-10-22 Circle 00:15:00
Ballina, New South Wales (Australia) 2015-09-19 Unknown Undisclosed
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Labrador, Queensland (Australia) 2015-03-27 Sphere 00:03:00
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Lennox Head (Australia) 2014-03-08 Light 1 minute
Lismore, New South Wales (Australia) 2014-02-01 Star-like Undisclosed
Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) 2013-12-14 Cone, Triangle 00:02:00
Burleigh Waters, Queensland (Australia) 2013-10-15 Other Undisclosed
Seelands, Grafton, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-08-30 Orange Sphere, looked like a star but moving all over the place 2-3hrs
Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) 2013-08-07 Unknown Undisclosed
Byron Bay, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-07-21 Circle Undisclosed
Afterlee, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-07-11 Cylinder 00:00:32
Gold Coast (Australia) 2013-06-13 Other 2.5 hours
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Yamba, New South Wales (Australia) 2012-07-26 Other Undisclosed
Bilambil Heights, New South Wales (Australia) 2012-06-22 Sphere Undisclosed
Bilambil Heights, New South Wales (Australia) 2012-06-22 Sphere Undisclosed
Bilambil Heights, New South Wales (Australia) 2012-06-22 Sphere Undisclosed
Surfers Paradise, Queensland (Australia) 2011-02-12 Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Other 00:20:00
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Gold Coast (Australia) 2006-04-30 Teardrop 36 Seconds
Gold Coast (Australia) 2006-01-14 Circle 2 minutes
Tweed Heads (Australia) 2005-06-08 Circle 15 minutes
Gold Coast (QLD, Australia) 2005-03-05 Light 3 - 5 mins
Gold Coast (Australia) 2004-03-05 Light 3 Seconds
Ocean Shores (NSW, Australia) 2003-07-27 Circle half hour
Byron Bay (Australia), . 2003-01-20 Sphere 7 minutes
Tweed Heads (Australia) 2002-04-14 Other 5 min
Tweeds Head (Australia) 2002-04-14
Currumbin (Australia) 2001-02-15 Cylinder 2-3 mins
Coolangatta, Queensland (Australia) 2000-05-30 Saturn-like Undisclosed
Gold Coast (QLD, Australia) 1999-12-31 Light 1min
Surfers Paradise, Queensland (Australia) 1998-10-06 Sphere Undisclosed
Lismore, New South Wales (Australia) 1997-02-15 Star-like, Other Undisclosed
Northern NSW (NSW, Australia) 1994-08-07 Circle 1-2 minutes
Murwillumbah (Just north of) (Australia) 1988-06-10 Disk 2to5mins
Gold Coast (Australia) 1983-06-01 Circle ?