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Sighted on Wednesday 26. May 2021
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Shape: Round white dancing orbs | Duration: 5 minutes

At 5.00 am Wednesday 26 May, 2021. ( still dark) I sat up in bed to cover my dog with his blanket near my feet. I glanced out my bedroom window. Way above the house & street lights in the hills and forest on the horizon . I saw a bright white round light. I know it was unusual as it’s normally only dark forest. I just figured it must be some kids with a torch poking around in the forest. It moved around a bit in the area. At one time the large white light instantly split into maybe 6 or 7 smaller lights that moved as a group still in the same proximity? I sort of thought to myself. Oh well .. maybe it’s a group of star watchers in the forest hills and the guide told the group to turn their torches on or something like that.I was kidding myself as the lights danced in a group then became 1 big light again. By then I scuffled in the dark in my house to grab my IPad. I tried to zoom from my bedroom window through the glass and wood Venetians. The image is not very good. The hills are in the west.The sun now rising was starting to give the sky a small glow. I ran out on to my porch and zoomed again.. but my front tree was making it hard. Then the light disappeared and never came back. I took a walk up in the forest that morn. Saw nothing a miss. But I’m going to go back as I have a better understanding of the exact location. . I have pictures ... but can’t add on your above link.. could I email them to you? To upload.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Regents Park Qld 4118 2021-07-11 2 bright flare like white lights 5 seconds ea 30 seconds apart
Regents Park Qld 4118 2021-07-11 2 bright flare like white lights 5 seconds ea 30 seconds apart
Mudgeeraba 2021-05-26 Round white dancing orbs 5 minutes
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Murrumba Downs, Queensland (Australia) 2019-12-17 Star-like 00:05:00
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2019-10-22 Unknown 00:40:00
Brisbane, QLD 2019-07-19 diamond/square 5+ mins
Palm Beach, Queensland (Australia) 2019-05-08 Sphere 00:05:00
Eungella, New South Wales (Australia) 2019-04-14 Sphere 00:00:15
Russell Island, Queensland (Australia) 2018-08-12 Other 00:10:00
Woody Point, Queensland (Australia) 2018-06-18 Saturn-like 00:03:30
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Slacks Creek, Queensland (Australia) 2016-11-10 Disc 00:12:00
Bellbowrie, Queensland (Australia) 2016-10-16 Cylinder 00:00:11
Bellbowrie, Queensland (Australia) 2016-10-16 Cylinder 00:00:11
Bellbowrie, Queensland (Australia) 2016-10-16 Cylinder 00:01:00
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Chermside, Queensland (Australia) 2016-03-23 Disc 10 Minutes
Brisbane (Australia), 2016-03-04 Triangle 10 seconds
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2016-02-01 Sphere 00:00:20
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2016-02-01 Sphere 00:00:20
Chermside, Queensland (Australia) 2016-01-19 Disc 20 Minutes
Loganholme, Queensland (Australia) 2016-01-15 Sphere 00:03:00
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2016-01-12 Disc Undisclosed
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Pullenvale, QLD (Australia) 2015-12-18 Circle Few seconds
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Ballina, New South Wales (Australia) 2015-09-19 Unknown Undisclosed
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Alderley, Queensland (Australia) 2015-08-21 Disc 00:02:00
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Belmont, Queensland (Australia) 2015-08-01 Other 00:10:28
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2015-07-11 Disk 5 min
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Pacific Pines, Queensland (Australia) 2015-06-09 Oval Undisclosed
Leichhardt, Queensland (Australia) 2015-05-31 Star-like 00:30:00
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Richlands, NE 2015-03-31 Sphere 1 minute
North Stradbroke Island, Queensland (Australia) 2015-03-28 Triangular 4 Hours
Labrador, Queensland (Australia) 2015-03-27 Sphere 00:03:00
Wadeville, New South Wales (Australia) 2015-01-20 Sphere 00:00:30
Redcliffe, Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2014-08-14 Round From 1 am still around at 4 am
Chermside, Queensland (Australia) 2014-05-10 Disc
Brisbane (Australia) 2014-04-30 Light 10 seconds
Tamborine, Queensland (Australia) 2014-04-29 Cone Undisclosed
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2014-04-22 N, A Undisclosed
Newmarket, Queensland (Australia) 2014-04-05 Trapezoid Less than a second
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2014-03-24 Disc Undisclosed
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2014-03-23 Disc Undisclosed
Brisbane (Australia) 2014-03-17 Circle 30 seconds
Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, Qld (Australia) 2014-03-12 White, reflective orb 10 mins
Lennox Head (Australia) 2014-03-08 Light 1 minute
Lismore, New South Wales (Australia) 2014-02-01 Star-like Undisclosed
Shailer Park, Queensland (Australia) 2014-01-17 Unknown Undisclosed
Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) 2013-12-14 Cone, Triangle 00:02:00
Burleigh Waters, Queensland (Australia) 2013-10-15 Other Undisclosed
Coorparoo, Queensland (Australia) 2013-09-08 Oval, Star-like Undisclosed
Pullenvale, Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2013-09-02 Just light 45 seconds
Ipswich, Queensland (Australia) 2013-08-19 Diamond 1 min
Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) 2013-08-07 Unknown Undisclosed
Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) 2013-07-23 Circle Undisclosed
Byron Bay, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-07-21 Circle Undisclosed
Afterlee, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-07-11 Cylinder 00:00:32
Annerley, Queensland (Australia) 2013-06-15 Sphere 11:30:00
Red Hill, Queensland (Australia) 2013-06-14 Sphere Undisclosed
Gold Coast (Australia) 2013-06-13 Other 2.5 hours
Boronia Heights, Queensland (Australia) 2013-06-12 Triangle Undisclosed
Brisbane (Australia) 2013-06-07 Unknown 5 seconds
Tamborine Mountain (Australia) 2013-05-28 Light 3 days
Coorparoo, Queensland (Australia) 2013-05-17 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Brisbane (Australia), 2013-04-29 Formation 20 seconds
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) 2013-04-21 Diamond, Disc Undisclosed
Tamborine Mountain (Australia) 2013-02-11 Unknown 2 minutes
Russell Island, Queensland (Australia) 2013-02-02 Sphere 00:12:00
Capalaba - Brisbane (Australia), 2013-01-01 Disk 5 minutes