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London, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Friday 05. June 2020
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Shape: Disc | Duration: 00:20:00

Went out on my 10th floor balcony on friday night 9:20 pm to observe the full moon which was rising in the south east sky. that is when i noticed a glowing red saucer like orb travelling through the sky along the horizon from the east towards the moon in the south east sky. the orb was covering immense distances very quickly and appeared to be phase shifting in and out of this dimension. almost appeared to be flashing. but randomly. the orb travelled across the moon and turned to a bright white light. it then stopped and continued back in the direction it came. covering the horizon in a matter of approximately one or two seconds. for the next twenty minutes the orb continued to change directions and altitudes and colours. going from just above the horizon to well up in the sky at approximately 45 degrees elevation. it always stayed in the space of east to south east sky. and went from red to white and even to green at one point. also it would disappear and reappear in mid flight path. about five to ten minutes into this i called out my partner to come have a look and get a second pair of eyes. she also saw it and described exactly what i was seeing. it was at this point it got fairly close and was probably about one kilometre away. it descended down to tree top level in a wooded area and the tree tops glowed red from the orb. hovered for thirty seconds and then disappeared. however it did reappear in the sky moments later and continued to exhibit the same strange phase shifting and flight patterns. after thirty minutes or so it took off in the blink of an eye towards the south and was no longer in view. i managed to get some photos from my phone but obviously the quality was not the greatest but definitely interesting to say the least. the images captured do not pick up the colour but it appears white and flashing in the pictures and video. one picture however i was shocked to see when i went through after, appears to have a classic saucer shape with a dome on top. next time i'll have the good camera.

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London, Ontario (Canada) 2017-06-06 Square, Rectangular 00:05:00
Woodstock, Ontario (Canada) 2017-06-03 Triangle 00:10:00
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London (Canada), ON 2016-12-04 Other 20 minutes
London, Ontario (Canada) 2016-11-29 Disc 00:15:00
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St. Thomas (Canada), ON 2016-10-30 Chevron Few minutes
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