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Cape May, New Jersey (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 04. March 2020
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Shape: Other | Duration: 02:00:02

I thought i saw a fireball. when my friend asked where i pointed south east over the ocean. then it showed up again. disappeared, then showed up one last time. a total of three times we saw what looked like red dancing 'plasma'. so we decided to stand on the hawk blind. lighthouse is behind us (west) ocean is to our right. lake is directly in front of us as we are facing east at this point. hovering very close to the lake was a black helicopter. behind us, on both sides of the lighthouse, two more black helicopters. and next to the one helicopter on the side of the lighthouse was a large yellowish soft light orb. now facing east again, they came. hundreds of blinking lights going from east to west. hundreds. only in that one band in the sky almost as if it was a trail. nowhere else in the sky could you see them. and they were in our atmosphere. i do not believe this to be a celestial event. they were being 'absorbed' into that yellow orb. we took some videos. it was silent. we watched these lights. what we only thought to be 15 minutes or so, almost two hours later. it was cold that night. i didn't feel the cold. i smoke cigarettes and didn't smoke one. i had no thoughts. i just remember watching them and feeling 'alright'. than, i realized wow how long have we been out here and before i checked the time, i moved my tongue around and tasted heavy perfume. as if someone sprayed me in my mouth with it. the air was extremely heavy at that point. my friend turned around and asked what the hell we were experiencing. immediately i thought 'this better not be a spraying of covid or anything. we do not do aerial bug sprays in cape may county. i looked up at the moon almost right above us, clouds started to form but not really clouds. in the moonlight the clouds were red. almost like a stain. not the normal orange glow you see. so we decided to take another video and the event was over. it gets even more strange. i called the coast guard (we have a base on the east coast of the island) and asked if they were doing any experiments and tried explaining our story. which i had a hard time doing. because my words were off. our thoughts were off. i sent this coast guard the pictures and videos. (i took 2 pictures). he told me they did not have any of their own helicopters near us or over land at the time for that matter. he asked if we saw anyone parachuting down and we said no. but when he asked about the time it started, that's when we freaked out and realized how long we were there for! we couldn't believe it. there is no way possible. in the last video i sent him, he asked me if we were standing under a tree. i said no we were on the hawk blind. there's no trees above us whatsoever. i didn't know why he asked me this, until the phone call was over. i looked at the last video after the 'heavy air and perfume taste' and realized why he had asked. in the last video, it looks like hair...Trees...Mist...Something black. maybe the spray i don't know. it is not the resolution in the video. when you send messages iphone to iphone they are crystal clear. my friend and i didn't know what to say. we decided to leave. the music on the radio didn't sound right. i thought maybe euphoria for witnessing something we couldn't explain. but we were extremely calm. we weren't freaking out or anything of the sort. we leave and realize, there's a while suv looking car, not in a parking spot but sitting with the car running and lights on. don't know how long it was there for. i contacted the faa. they sent me a report back saying no need for an investigation. i believe we saw some sort of aerial phenomena. i can't say if it was ufo's. whatever it was, those helicopters were overseeing the...Transport? overseeing these lights until they were over. i hope i didn't leave anything out. i'm reaching out to as many people as i can about this. i contacted peter davonport and he said he could not explain what was in the videos i sent him. he went live on a radio station about it. i was never able to hear it. i'm concerned if i send videos in email, if they will come up clear like it does iphone to iphone. even if it was a military operation....There's no way. if you watch the videos, please go in a pitch black room and watch them. you'll understand. and if they're not clear on email please contact me so i can figure out how to get a clear video to you.

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