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Sanctuary Point NSW

Sighted on Friday 06. August 2021
Reported on
Shape: Cigar shaped | Duration: Less than 1 minute

At about 2.30pm I was out in my backyard and I looked up at the sky to my right and I seen a silver cigar shaped object high up in the sky, it did not have wings so I knew it wasn't an aeroplane. I kept an eye on it while I grabbed my phone which was nearby so I could video record what I was seeing. I turned my camera on then looked up at the object and then put my phone up to start recording but I couldn't see it on my screen even when I zoomed in then only seconds later when I looked up to where I seen this object it was gone. It literally disappeared! There is no where it could have gone there were no clouds anywhere near it that it could have gone behind it just vanished in a second. This is the second time I have witnessed a UFO during the day and both times they just disappeared. The first time i seen one it was a few months ago but it was round in shape and it too disappeared right before my eyes...

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