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Nhill Victoria

Sighted on Tuesday 14. February 2023
Reported on
Shape: Lights | Duration: 1hour

4 warm coloured lights, 1 stayed still while 3 others would circle round it. The light would turn a warm colour only when it circled the stationary 1.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Horsham, VIC, Australia 2023-04-26 Round Light 5 minutes
Nhill Victoria Australia 2020-02-11 Round long Not sure what duration means??
Nhill Victoria Australia 2020-02-08 Round .
Warracknabeal, Victoria (Australia) 2018-04-07 Disc 00:00:03
Bordertown (Australia), 2013-06-10 Disk 5 seconds
Murtoa (Australia) 2005-12-04 Light about 1 second