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Horsham, VIC, Australia

Sighted on Wednesday 26. April 2023
Reported on
Shape: Round Light | Duration: 5 minutes

I was standing out the side yard around 8.30pm at night smoking a cigarette, and I noticed 2 UFOs during that 5-10 minute period. The first I thought was a falling star, it was spotted in the west and fell straight down below the treeline in the distances so I'm not sure where it went or what it was, but it was an orange coloured light and beared a strong resemblance to the second UFO. The second was another orange coloured light, which must have been hovering high in the sky for some time, which I only noticed when it moved in a perfectly straight line from the middle of the sky directly west (near where the first "falling star" was spotted) and out of sight into the cosmos. It probably only took 3 seconds to travel from the middle of the sky and directly out west out of sight, was way too fast and quiet and straight to be a human aircraft or anything.

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