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whelan rd Brooloo Mary valley qld australia

Sighted on Saturday 15. July 2023
Reported on
Shape: Oval/ egg shaped | Duration: 15 minutes

We were camping at Brooloo park in the Mary Valley Qld, it was about 830pm A clear sky and we were talking about the galaxy, extra dimensional and contact when a radiant blue light object ( egg shaped vertical) appeared in the north west just above the horizon and definitely within the earths atmosphere. The glow was intense and not like anything we had seen before- it remained still for some time then moved in a perfect line just above the hills and horizon towards the east/ north east - it was a slow deliberate movement - very smooth It maintained this pace for about 10-13 minutes then the light appeared to intensify then it disappeared... it kinda quickly receded and then was gone. 8 of us witnessed it and 4 don't believe in ED's - although now they do !!!!

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