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Raby, NSW 2566, Australia

Sighted on Saturday 13. January 2024
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Shape: Cluster fo green lights | Duration: 5-10 minutes

I am almost 50 and have never seen anything like this despite having over 30 years in the military and am familiar with what "normal" looks like for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, UAVs/drones, missiles, flares, lasers as well as weather events etc. I was outside at about 8:50pm. The sky was cloudy with clear patches and few stars visible. I noticed a very bright green light in the sky which appeared to be from my location in Raby to be SW towards or over Kearns-Gregory Hills area. Although hard to estimate if pushed I'd suggest it was over the non-populated rural/forested area between Kearns and Gregory Hills. Straight away it did match aircraft either fixed or rotary wing as it was a constant very bright green light unlike flashing aircraft lights and definitely not a wing tip/aviation safety light. It appeared stationary then bobbed or rocked left and right a short distance. I have a lot of experience in the military with all manner of aircraft and it not appear or move like any aircraft I have seen and was too high and too bright to be a rotor drone. The brightness then reduced for a few moments and it appeared to be a circle of smaller green lights (5-6?) with a central light. I went from my back to front yard to get a better view and once i located it again it suddenly moved forward towards Campbelltown or E - SE then rearwards extremely fast, faster than any helicopter could. All direction changes while moving were instantaneous, eg it didn't slow, stop and change direction it simply changed direction. I called my wife and daughter out to see. they arrived and while watching it it suddenly shot up a considerable distance, into the clouds then the light disappeared/switched off. it then switched on again (maybe 15 seconds later) and dropped again to it's original position and disappeared again. After another pause it reappeared again and then shot left to right (SW to W) a much farther distance extremely rapidly and disappeared. During my observation I could see it in clear sky, in front of, moving through and behind cloud cover when lit up. While doing this a commercial plane flew in to it's right or N from the W towards Sydney airport and at the same time a helicopter was observed flying from the E to it's left or further S at lower altitude After a pause it then reappeared much lower and to the right or further N. Now West from my perspective). It appeared to have shifted kilometers in seconds. It hovered for a few moments then dropped down and disappeared between the horizon treeline, once again at a very rapid speed. I'd again estimate it "went down" into the rural belt between Kearns and Gregory Hills or Gledswood Hills. Referencing the approaching and departing commercial (or police/medical helo?) aircraft it appeared higher in altitude than the helo and at that point from level with to higher than the plane on approach to Sydney. It also made it abundantly clear it was not displaying normal aircraft safety lighting or a ground landing light. I also pointed out to my wife if it were an aircraft or drone it would be illegal to "switch" its lights on and off at night and civilian drones cannot legally fly that high or at night or ascend and ascend from just above the horizon into the clouds and back that fast. 'm not a UFO/UAP fanatic and saw it by pure chance but it was interesting enough i am going to go back out from 8:30-9:30pm the next few night to see if it reappears. I understand now why people don't necessarily get film or photos. I was more worried about missing it doing something or losing it than getting what i suspected would be a crappy iPhone photo or video but will try to if I see it again. It was so strange and different to any aircraft, indeed ANYTHING we have ever seen, we drove through Raby towards Emerald Hills (between Gregory and Gledswood Hills on Raby Road) that divides that rural belt of land to seek high ground to get a better look360 degrees of the area . Looking back from the high ground we also noticed a large spotlight back behind us to the E from vicinity of Minto/Leumeah that was shining and sweeping (randomly it seems) the clouds to the N-NE, later the same (or perhaps a different) light appeared to be doing the same to the clouds over Campbelltown. I have no idea why the search/spot light was there, or if it was directly related or not to the phenomena we observed. Perhaps the UAP was attracted to the light. Of note the spotlight was E of our house in Raby and the UAP appeared to the E. The spotlight was not the source of the UAP. Nor did I see any telltale l]signs of a visible laser being used to create the green light(s). In any case it appeared and moved through clouds and also clear sky vs being shone onto clouds like the searchlight was. I lived here in Raby 12 years and done numerous exercises at Holsworthy Training Area W of Minto/Leumeah/Campbelltown for over 25 years and never seen a large spotlight doing that in the area. In fact I've never seen that occur anywhere in Australia? If they aren't linked events then its a hell fo a coincidence. By linked I mean to suggest it was set up to attract "something" or if not it's intended purpose perhaps it had that effect anyway? I have seen iridium flares, meteor showers, shooting stars, aircraft lighting through clouds, electrical storms etc. This was not that. It interested us enough to do some online searching and were surprised to learn, though you map doesn'tseem to indicate it, that Campbelltown/McCarthur is a "UFO hot spot" and that they often appear as green lights...

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