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Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 13. February 2016
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

I was outside having a smoke,I was looking at the horizon to the North WestI thought it was very bright, and largeIt moved across the sky heading eastwards at a fast rate and ascendingI was Excited by the sightingI lost sight of the object as it ascended eastwards

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2018-07-20 Star-like 00:03:00
Amqui, Quebec (Canada) 2017-09-09 Sphere 00:20:00
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-08-11 Circle 00:03:00
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-08-08 Star-like 00:00:45
Lac-au-Saumon, Quebec (Canada) 2017-02-20 Cigar 00:05:00
Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-09-29 Other 01:35:00
Bathurst (Canada), NB 2016-06-22 Other 30 minutes
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-02-13 Sphere Undisclosed
Bathurst, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-04-15 Sphere Undisclosed
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-11-15 Square, Rectangular Undisclosed
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-10-20 Star-like 00:10:00
Bathurst, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-09-12 Unknown Undisclosed
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-06-23 Oval Around 1 minute
Bathurst (Canada), NB 2013-04-28 Light non stop
Beresford (Canada), NB 2006-09-28 Light 10 minutes
Bathurst (Canada), NB 2005-06-23 Light 4 min
New Carlisle (Canada), PQ 2003-11-22 Cylinder
Kedgwick, New Brunswick (Canada) 1998-01-19 Flash 00:00:20
Campbellton, New Brunswick (Canada) 1993-07-01 Saturn-like
Bathurst, New Brunswick (Canada) 1991-11-30 Sphere 00:00:20
Carleton (Canada), QC 1975-06-30 Disk 1:00