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Winston-Salem, NC

Sighted on Saturday 25. August 2012
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Shape: Light | Duration: 10 minutes

ufo sighting in Winston-Salem NC 8/25/12 at 21:00 (9pm eastern time)I went to Winston-Salem in North Carolina today with my sister. Friday, August the 25th in 2012. We went about doing a number of things and had a nice time seeing the area. The last place we went to was Kranky's coffee (correct spelling). It was between 9-9:15 pm, as we were walking back to my sister's car, I looked up at the moon. I am always looking at the sky, especially the night sky, as you never know what you will see. WHAT DID I SEE INDEED!!! Lo and behold, next to the clear moon there were some clouds, BUT what made this view MIND BLOWING was the 8-10 lights that were flying around in an apparent dog fighting pattern, these lights were the size of planes in the night sky, I would call them orbs as they were round and had no shape as the eye could see. In fact, a plane was flying by into view for a frame of reference as this was happening. They were dipping and weaving like fish in a fish bowl, all of them, like they were playing. After a while it was apparent that this was more of a game than anything else, as some would stop moving and others would be weaving around each other like an airplane dog fighting pattern/fish weaving around each other. On top of that, they would move, stop, then move at a quick speed, which is impossible for modern craft. They also move, stop, then go perfectly in reverse, which is impossible as well! These couldn't be helicopters, as they were too high up, and moving and speeds too sharp and swift. this was a beautiful sight to behold, and it wasn't far into this moment that I realized that I was seeing something that was very rare, and something that couldn't be easily explained away. My sister was the first witness with me, then she went into the car and sat down, as she was chilly and had seen enough, and frankly was probably spooked by it all. Then I was looking for people showing up to the coffee place to say "hey, LOOK AT THAT" to, and after about a minute of me watching in amazement, a group of 2 girls and one guy walked up. They saw me looking up, and began to look towards the direction of the moon as well. I said something along the lines of "what is that?" or "that's pretty crazy huh?". Finally as they realized what they were seeing, they stood near me and were watching in shock as well. They were like "what is THAT" and "it's ufos", and they were laughing in a nervous way of when you see something that is incredible and shouldn't be happening in waking life, it must be something strange indeed. The guy said something along the lines of "it's bats and there's light from the moon reflecting off of them", but I quickly countered, saying that they were too big to be seen from such a great height, and the movements they were making, coming to a standstill then moving in reverse, is impossible for them to do. TO which he replied "I know", more or less saying "my reasoning is maxed out and I don't know how to explain what I'm seeing to rationalize this to myself and these women I'm with". I joked saying "it must be swamp gas", to which they laughed. I of course was referencing the explanations given by government officials when trying to explain away such events. They usually will try to explain such events as "natural occurrences", which usually to most of the time doesn't work sufficiently. this continued for about 10 minutes total, about 3 minutes with my sister and I, then about 7 or so minutes with the 3 strangers and myself. I took one photo and it had a flash, so it didn't come out well, though it does look like some kind of light ball is present. In hindsight I should of turned off the flash, take a bunch of photos, then worked with them to see if I could improve visibility, but alas I did not. The saving grace is that this occurred with me and 4 different people! then as those people were walking away after the lights started to leave and there were less and less, I noticed other people at the coffee shop looking, just following what we were doing, so at least 1, maybe 2 other people saw this separate of me, which is great and makes this occurrence that much more than a chance of my "imagination'. Seeing something like this, as I said to my sister, puts us on a short list, as it's not every day you see a real, genuine UFO sighting. Once in the moment of such an event, it is chilling, exciting and just plain awe-inspiring, as you realize you are seeing something that is beyond the scope of day to day existence. Being north carolina, there is always the chance this was military testing, such as of the aurora space craft, which is supposed to be able to take off from earth and go all the way to the moon, though the physics these things displayed had a fluidity of fish in water, and a grace of fish underwater, which is best way to explain them, like fish at play, doing something of a delicate game or ballet in it's precision, with no moment of fear of "collision", it was truly stunning and if it's the only time I have such an experience, it will have made all the research I've done up till now worthwhile.

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