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Tempe, AZ

Sighted on Saturday 18. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: 3 minutes

Photos of an unknown creature resembling both an amphibian and an armadillo who is seen holding a wand in his left hand at the end of wMy name is ((name deleted)) from Tempe, Arizona. I have been shooting photographs and videos of some very strange extraterrestrial phenomena here near my home ever since my first UFO sighting in July of 2010. I began publishing my experiences and content first on YouTube and then finally on my own website Alien Reality (www.alienreality.net). Normally I do not submit my experiences to reporting sites like yours or Mufon. This particular sighting however was so significant to me that I simply felt compelled to not only publish it but to officially report it to the appropriate agencies.Mid week last week I submitted an official report to MUFON (as I had done only one other time on another matter) and they have thus far completely ignored me. Unreal.Contact me at your convenience. This is an absolutely true and factual retelling of what happened to me and the media I shot is entirely genuine.((personal information deleted))This last Saturday, August 18 at about a quarter till one in the afternoon I managed to witness and record what to me is among the most amazing things I have ever had the privilege to view. I had made arrangements to go over to a friend’s house that afternoon and right prior to leaving I was doing some chores in my backyard and noticed that the clouds that day were particularly thick and many were shaped very oddly.I went inside to retrieve my camera and once outside again I began snapping photos. Suddenly, a bit behind me to the west I saw what appeared to be a flying or tumbling black object. The moment it registered in my head that this was all sorts of unusual, the object was directly overhead. It was traveling rather quickly despite its awkward tumbling and occasional diving motions. Soon afterwards it was to the east of me and that is when I began to snap photographs of this thing that I had just seen in the sky..My first thought was that this was a trash bag or some other sort of debris flying in the sky which sometimes happens on a windy day. However, that thought quickly left as I continued photographing. The shape and structure of this thing was not at all like a trash bag or other paper or plastic trash. It appeared to be box-like to some extent or it seemed more rigid than a bag would be blowing in the wind. It also tumbled as it flew past and onward and dove occasionally but not very far or for very long. The entire time it flew it was actually escalating in altitude.I managed to shoot about six shots that afternoon and towards the end of my encounter I shot about 15 seconds or so of video using the MPEG setting on my still camera. Reviewing my shots on my camera’s LCD I was excited that I had managed to capture something that was clearly unusual at a minimum and potentially monumental on the far side of that equation.I had captured it seemed a low flying alien craft that was no more than 200 feet off the ground and if it wasn’t alien in origin it certainly had to be some sort of secret governmental drone device. But as I stated earlier I was expected at a friends house in the neighboring town and I was already late so I left my things alone and went off till early evening to do something else.When I got back I put my card in the card reader and extracted the photos that I had taken earlier. As I was able to blow up the photos I took extremely closely I was shocked at what I saw. The photos that I had the good fortune to capture earlier that afternoon were not of any debris or trash flying in the sky. That is clearly the case as even if a case could be made for that as the object in the photos there was barely any wind that day at all. A slight breeze of 5 mph was what was recorded for Saturday. That was not enough wind to carry around anything let alone catapult a large squarely shaped trash bag ever upward. I was mistaken earlier that was for certain in describing the object as some sort of craft or ship. It was not.Photo reveals a living creature flying in the air that resembles an amphibian.The photos reveal that what I saw and photographed that day was a living being; seemingly as alive as me or you and he was clearly not from here. The being in the sky that I photographed had an amphibian or reptile-like appearance with a very large mushroom shaped head, large eyes and a large mouth. His head was disproportionately larger than his body which I saw clearly was comprised of a pair of legs and arms. His back seemed to be sheathed, resembling an armadillo of sorts and as the pictures indicate he is capable of enfolding himself into himself potentially for protection or possibly navigation. In his left hand he held what must be a wand or stick with a very bright light ball at the end. Finally, this creature had a tail that was visible and pointed downward even when he was folded into his sheath as you can see in the later photos.I am still in awe of this experience and count it to be among the most profound of my now 49 years. As I write this it is my birthday and I simply couldn’t have asked the universe for a better present. The profound nature of these photos is what astonishes me and even now I simply cant’ put my mind around it. We are indeed no longer alone in the cosmos.This is direct photographic proof that alien creatures exist and that as I have been stating all along; they are here. I understand that there will be naysayers and those who seek to poke holes in this material and in me and to them I say “bring it on.” I will meet you at any time or any place to debate not only the veracity of my experience but also of the pristine condition of these photographs the originals of which have been safely backed up offline. These photos are not and were not altered in any way with the exception of enlargement in order to see this low flying creature. I will make copies of these master photos available to anyone who wishes to view them as I did initially. They are real and as sure as I am alive and present this is the truth.May the truth of this information and the profundity of its ramifications resonate in your heart and all of our hearts. May this not cause anyone to be afraid or angry or war-like in their approach. The time for that old paradigm is past and will shortly be forever buried as we embark on a new era of understanding of ourselves and the universe around us.

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