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Grants Pass, OR

Sighted on Monday 13. August 2012
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Shape: Other | Duration: 2 minutes

Heard loud rumbling, followed by two bright oval shapes in the sky.We live out in the country, 15 miles to the nearest town. We live on a mountain at the end of a road. We own about 12 acres, 6 acres of an open field, the rest of the property is wooded. The fields sit in front of house. We have a few trees that sit between our house and the field. We own a few great Danes that run the property. It was around 9:30pm when we called them in the house for the night. One of the great Danes were acting very strange, she was looking upwards towards where the field and trees meet, and she wasn't moving, she was just standing there. We called and called her, normally shes very eager to come in the house. Finally she came in after a few mins of calling her. We had family over and were all sitting around watching tv. It was about 9:45pm when we heard a very loud rumbling sound. We all kind of looked at each other confused. I don't really know how to explain the sound, I thought it sounded like a big truck, my sister said she thought ! it was thunder. My sister and two nieces ran outside onto the front porch. They were out there for a few seconds when one of my nieces screamed at the top of her lungs. That's when my sister and other niece saw what she was screaming about. It was about 200-250 feet up in the sky, about even with trees, there was bright orange glowing lights. There was two of them, They were kinda oval shaped, the whole thing was glowing orange except for the bottom, it was dark, like it was open. But there was glowing light coming down from the dark spot. They could see one very clearly, the other was half hidden by a tree. They were just hovering there, not moving. They were both the same size, (like if you were to put a semi truck, just the cab part, in a bubble) They were the same height. My sister and nieces turned and yelled at us to come look. At that exact time the lights just went out, like someone hit a switch. I got up and ran out fast because of the way they were acting, one o! f my nieces was crying. By the time I got onto the deck from w! here I was sitting, which was only 20 feet, we all heard the rumbling noise again but this time it was far away. After that we never heard or seen anything out of the ordinary.

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