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Thaxton, MS

Sighted on Sunday 12. August 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 2 minutes

Metal sphere rising out of woods scares wildlife and meUFO encounter 8-12-2012 At about 6:30 pm several different species of water birds flew hastily from the southwest over the house, these included cranes, cowbirds, geese and ducks. A few minutes later the coyote’s started yelping.My wife and I were sitting in the front yard commenting to each other on the birds and the coyote’s hollering so early in the day. The air was still, the breeze we had all day had disappeared.My Wife said, what is that, I turned and coming from the same direction as the birds was a large metal looking sphere that had a long protruding rod about as tall as it was round sticking straight up, it had a small cone about a third of the way down on the rod. It was about 250 feet away, about 100 feet up. It looked to be about 10 to 14 foot wide. It did not make a sound. It stopped coming toward us and changed direction and started going straight north at a steady rate of speed until it continued out of sight. It never changed directions or elevation while it was moving. I did not see any lights or hear any sound.I mentioned this to my children and they made all kinds of statements, but my daughter who works with her Sister n law commented to her that we had seen something Sunday, my Daughter n law stated my son had seen a large round metal object with a long rod come over the house a couple of weeks earlier and it looked like it was landing somewhere.She described the same thing without knowing what we saw. My daughter stated I guess you saw the same thing.The duration of sight was about a minute and a half.The direction it came from contains a large beaver pond, with the way it looked I believe it had come and submerged in the pond using the rod as a periscope or air supply. It scared the birds from the water as it emerged and probably emitted a high frequency to cause the coyote’s to yelp.The odd thing my wife stated is I was going for the binoculars to look closer at it but I couldn’t open the door, and when I did and saw the binoculars, I didn’t see them.I responded with Yea I should have got my phone and took a picture, but I was mesmerized by what I saw and did not even think of it.

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