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San Diego, CA

Sighted on Saturday 22. September 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 60 seconds

Black sphere over San Diego airport flying against the wind north to southYesterday, onn Saturday September 22 at about 4:45pm (give or take 5 minutes), I had a sighting here in San Diego, California. I was viewing this sighting from about 2 miles southeast of the intersection of Interstate freeways 5 and 8 in the community called Mission Hills. Most of the sky was covered in tropical clouds; but there was one large section south and southeast of me which was mostly open blue sky (just a few small clouds). This open area would be over the San Diego airport. The clouds were moving southwest to northeast pretty fast. I saw one round black object that was moving against the wind from north to south towards the San Diego airport. This black object was not moving fast, but was clearly moving against the wind. When I saw this object, it was not directly over me, but already southeast of me. The black object was round and it appeared as a sphere. At the time of the sighting, I could not tell how big it was; other than it was lar! ger than a weather balloon, but smaller than a commercial jet. It was just below the few clouds that were in the open area. These clouds were dipping a little, like it was raining up in the clouds, but the water was not hitting the ground. The black object was traveling below the main part of the small clouds, but through the wispy part of the clouds that were dipping down. This object, if it was a balloon or a floating object, would have been traveling with the clouds; but there was no doubt, none, the object was moving north to south against the wind. This object was did not look like a disc, but more like it was round or a sphere. I saw it for about one minute. This object was round and black. The black color did not reflect or shimmer; but maybe it was rotating. I did not see it rotate, but there was a rhythmic change from solid black to something other than black. It would be solid black most of the time, and then a reflective shimmer for a short time. It was not like the reflective shimmer you see when there is an aluminum balloon floating by. There are no words for it, but maybe half-way between simi-transparent and the aluminum reflective shimmer of a balloon. I don’t know if that makes sense; but the object was a solid black round object for most of the time, but then for a short few seconds, it would almost become transparent. And then back to black, a very solid black. I should have timed the rhythmic change; but I did not think of doing that during the sighting. There were no lights on this object and it did not make any sound. After a minute, it was too far away to see. I did not have a camera with me. I had that sighting yesterday afternoon in full sunlight. I was not able to judge the size of the craft; but this morning, Sunday morning, a military transport jet flew by the same location at the same elevation, just below the clouds. So now, since I just saw a jet about in the same location, the black object I saw yesterday would be the size of the tail wing section; but of course, filled in as a sphere.((NOTE FROM VISITOR TO THE NUFORC WEBSITE))Anyway it may be minor but I found one suspicious report in my own neighborhood or perhaps the reporter was just confused.San Diego, 9/22/2012 16:45. Witness twice stated that the object that they witnessed was "South and Southeast" of their location (In Mission Hills.) "over the San Diego Airport" ( Lindbergh Field?). That airport is SOUTHWEST of Mission Hills. Of course this could be a typo. They stated that the wind was from the southeast to general North, the exact opposite of the norm in this area but not unheard of. They further stated that this was one reason they were awed as the craft flew against the wind ( Eliminating balloons.). Well if the wind direction they described was accurate then aircraft landing at Lindbergh Field would in fact be landing in the direction of the craft sited. As this is unusual, likely the witness has rarely if ever seen aircraft in this pattern and mistook a final approach for an unknown object. I also note that the time, 16:45 is prime landing time at Lindbergh.((END))

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