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Court, VA

Sighted on Sunday 21. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Teardrop | Duration:

We where in Va. Ride around in the country and we saw 5 gray thing in the sky that we have never seen before we try to get closer to take a pic but we list them ! I don't know what it was I live about 2 hours away from we're we saw them and it was still day light but, there were 4 together and one to the side ! But the next night my friend who was not with me the day before and I had not said anything to ask me to come out said to see what was going on in the sky it was dark it was 4 things and one to the side just like I seen the nite before but they had two white lights that was blinking really fast and a red one in the millied and the 5one off to the side. I don't know what is going on but I never see anything like it before! The next night was in Dale city Va. 22193

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Novi Sad (Serbia) 2015-07-17 gray tear shaped object 10-15 seconds
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Vrbas, Vojvodina (Serbia) 2014-11-19 Sphere 00:01:00
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Belgrade (Near) (Yugoslavia), . 2002-08-16 Disk 5 minutes
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Beograd (Yugoslavia) 2000-11-03 Sphere 10s
Novi Sad, Kac (Yugoslavia) 1999-03-24 Circle don't know
Belgrade (outside, Dry CreekRoad), MT 1998-06-22 Unknown 1 hour
Temerin (Serbia) 1997-08-15 Disk 2-3 minutes
Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 1997-06-15 Sphere 20 seconds
Tuzla, Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 1996-11-30 Star-like Undisclosed
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Becej (Serbia), 1988-06-30 Circle >1 hour
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