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Zrenjanin, Vojvodina (Serbia)

Sighted on Wednesday 12. August 2015
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

1. I was home, in backyard loking with my whife thru telescope meade etx-70.2. i was looking for M51 whirlpool galaxy when noticed triangle shaped siluete hovering. then sudenly fast changed direction to right (east).then stoped. called my whife to see that. we was able to track that one object for about 15 minutes, then another triangle shaped ufo came right next to first one and both of them turned lights, all around object. then we saw clearly that both of them is 2 triangle shaped ufos. then for about 50 minutes we able to track them on sky, for moments we lost them from site because they were so fast, and they have unpredictable directions, they was flying straigth then sharp turnes,then sudden stop, but we able to find them again. We didnt saw them with naked eyes, just with telescope so i dont know that they were in our atmosphere or in space.3. first time to me it looks like a airplane B2 or F117. but planes cant hower and change directions like that.4. Howering, fast moves, unpredictable directions, fast start and sudden stop, and howering again.5. I was excited, so as my whife. that is her first time to see something, for me that was the last, but saw few times strange lights and objects earlier.6. about after 1 hour 5-10 minutes they just turned off lights and disapeared from our sight. from that day im always using astro cam and laptop in case i see something strange again.

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