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Zrenjanin, Vojvodina (Serbia)

Sighted on Friday 09. November 2012
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Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

November 9, 23h.BN was hanging out with friends in the center of Muzlja (Zrenjanin) Serbia. In the direction of south from Muzlja NB and some of his friends saw a star shape white point in the sky moving zig-zag (letter N) about 400m from the ground.It seemed as a star moving strangely. It disappeared very quickly. No photos were taken.Approximately 4 weeks ago a disc shape, 30m in radius object was flying slowly , as if skipping from roof to roof, making no sound. It was radiating yellow, green and blue rays of light. The witness was running after it, but 100m was the closest he could reach it. It simply disappeared. He had serious headache after the "encounter". 2 weeks ago (? October 28) another person from the same family saw a white globe near the village. He was in the fields hunting, around 20.30h. The round shape light then sent two rays of light and in that moment the power was gone in the village.

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