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Bethany Beach, DE

Sighted on Saturday 20. October 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 15 minutes

Four hovering orange/red fireballs sighted above Bethany Beach, DE, around 10:15pm on Saturday, October 20, 2012.About 10:15pm on Saturday, Oct 20, I walked from my house to the beach in Sussex Shores, just north of Bethany Beach, DE. While I was sitting on the beach, just next to the dunes, looking south, I noticed three spherical red/orange lights hovering in the sky in a triangle formation, at what I guessed to be a distance of a mile south of me, about a hundred yards out over the ocean, in front of the Bethany Beach boardwalk. The bottom of the ‘triangle’ was one red/orange light; the other two lights were higher. If I held my arm straight out in front of me and made a fist, the lights were about the same size as my fist.I noticed them because they were stationary at first, just hovering in place, and I wondered what kind of aircraft they were. When they didn’t move for a while (a minute?), I started to pay closer attention to them. They didn’t make any sound.Soon they started slowly shifting their position vis-à-vis one another, so they created a kind of diagonal line, with respect to the horizon. At that point I noticed a fourth sphere much closer to the ground, hovering just above the beach, much closer to me, at a distance of probably half a mile.I didn’t feel particularly afraid, or threatened, but I didn’t want to stick around there all alone, so I started walking fast, back to my house. As I walked, I kept my eye on the lights, and noticed that they seemed to be moving away from me, too, at a very fast pace. By the time I reached my house (about half a block from the dunes), the lights looked like four tiny red dots of light flying away, into space. I quickly climbed up to my roof deck and watched them until they disappeared from view.

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