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Ketchikan, AK

Sighted on Thursday 08. November 2012
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 15-20 seconds

white light flew across sky and then shot strait up faded to red and dissapearedSaw a really bright white light when I looked up at the sky, thought it was a satellite but realized that it was too close and too bright, it flew across the sky for about 10 seconds and that’s when I realized it wasn’t anything that I could explain, it wasn’t flying strait it moved back and forth just barely and then the light got dimmer and dimmer and it looked like it was going strait up and then as the light almost dimmed out it turned red and then disappeared

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Metlakatla, Alaska (United States) 2018-06-18 Star-like 01:00:00
Canada (west coast; Alaskan cruise), BC 2016-07-24 Oval 5 minutes
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2016-03-11 Sphere Undisclosed
Coffman Cove, Alaska 2015-07-15 Cigar/Green ray of light Around 10 seconds
Kasaan, Alaska (United States) 2015-04-06 Star-like Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 2015-03-16 Circle
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2014-12-30 Star-like 00:05:00
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2014-08-19 Oval Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 2014-08-07 Oval 2 minutes
Ketchikan, AK 2014-08-07 Oval 2 minutes
Ward Cove, AK 2014-03-03 Diamond 22 seconds
Ketchikan, AK 2013-12-05 Light 16 minutes
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2013-09-07 Disc, Fireball Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 2012-11-09 Light 2 hours
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2012-09-04 Circle Undisclosed
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2012-04-29 Circle Undisclosed
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2012-04-28 Sphere 00:06:00
Metlakatla, AK 2012-02-12 Disk
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2010-09-14 Blimp, Chevron, Circle, Sphere, Square, Rectagular, Triangle, Unknown Undisclosed
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2010-09-13 Sphere, Unknown Undisclosed
Craig (Coffman Cove Road), AK 2010-08-27 Circle 3 min
Metlakatla, AK 2010-01-12 Disk
Dundas Island (south of) (Canada), BC 2006-12-24 30 seconds
Ketchikan, AK 2004-01-30 Light 4 seconds
Inside Passage, AK 2002-05-15 Oval 2 minutes
Ketchikan (area), AK 2000-05-25 Oval ?
Ketchikan, AK 1999-08-11 Circle 7 seconds
Prince of Wales Island, AK 1995-10-27 2 min.
Metlakatla, Alaska (United States) 1982-07-31 Other Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 1978-08-05 Rectangle 3 minutes