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Inside Passage, AK

Sighted on Wednesday 15. May 2002
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 2 minutes

while on a cruise to alaska, (the inside passage) i with no hesitation saw 2 unidentified flying objects. they were circleling each other, moving right to left then left to right then within a few seconds were completely out of sight. as they moved away from my sight there speed was amazing.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate; elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Metlakatla, Alaska (United States) 2018-06-18 Star-like 01:00:00
Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-12-22 Sphere 00:04:00
Prince Rupert, Columbia Británica, Canadá 2017-02-19 Sphere 1 minute
Adelaida, SA, Australia 2017-02-01 Dome 1.5
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 2016-10-09 Other 2 minutes
Canada (west coast; Alaskan cruise), BC 2016-07-24 Oval 5 minutes
Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-05-24 Fireball 00:16:00
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2016-03-11 Sphere Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 2015-03-16 Circle
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2014-12-30 Star-like 00:05:00
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2014-08-19 Oval Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 2014-08-07 Oval 2 minutes
Ketchikan, AK 2014-08-07 Oval 2 minutes
Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-04-13 Unknown 00:03:00
Ward Cove, AK 2014-03-03 Diamond 22 seconds
Ketchikan, AK 2013-12-05 Light 16 minutes
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2013-09-07 Disc, Fireball Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 2012-11-09 Light 2 hours
Ketchikan, AK 2012-11-08 Light 15-20 seconds
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2012-09-04 Circle Undisclosed
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2012-04-29 Circle Undisclosed
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2012-04-28 Sphere 00:06:00
Metlakatla, AK 2012-02-12 Disk
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 2011-10-03 Circle 2 minutes
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2010-09-14 Blimp, Chevron, Circle, Sphere, Square, Rectagular, Triangle, Unknown Undisclosed
Ketchikan, Alaska (United States) 2010-09-13 Sphere, Unknown Undisclosed
Metlakatla, AK 2010-01-12 Disk
Dundas Island (south of) (Canada), BC 2006-12-24 30 seconds
Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada) 2006-03-25 Star-like Undisclosed
Ketchikan, AK 2004-01-30 Light 4 seconds
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 2003-07-22 Light approx: 5 minues
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 2003-03-07 Light 2 to 3 seconds
Terrace/Prince Rupert (Between) (Canada), BC 2003-02-22 Disk 1 1/2 minutes
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 2003-02-19 Sphere approx: 30 sec.
Ketchikan (area), AK 2000-05-25 Oval ?
Ketchikan, AK 1999-08-11 Circle 7 seconds
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 1996-06-20 5 min
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 1996-06-20
Prince Rupert (Canada), BC 1996-06-20 Other 3-min.
Metlakatla, Alaska (United States) 1982-07-31 Other Undisclosed
Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada) 1982-04-19 Other 00:00:04
Ketchikan, AK 1978-08-05 Rectangle 3 minutes