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Singapore (Orchid Country Club golf course)

Sighted on Sunday 09. April 2000
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: not sure

I took some photos from the balcony of a guest house at a golf course and later noticed an object in one of those photos.I was staying at a golf course guest house in Singapore and liked the surroundings so I took some photos, facing in Northerly direction (I believe). I used my Olympus C-900 Zoom digital camera set to Super High Quality (1.3M pixel's) setting. A few days later I uploaded the images into my laptop computer and noticed the object in the upper right corner of one photo. When I zoomed in as much as I could (using PaintShopPro) the object looked metallic but I couldn't tell anything else. I don't recall any noise from a plane or anything such like at the time. It may be obvious to you as to what it may be I'd like to know otherwise I'll continue thinking that it was probably a UFO. I'm reporting this incident just in case someone else has made a similar report for that time and with my report it helps you explain what it is. I have not made any changes to the photo what so ever and the date+time of the file is as was loaded from the camera, using a floppy disk adaptor.

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