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Sighted on Saturday 22. September 2001
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 15 min

'UFO' sighted over Jurong WestChannelNews Asia - http://sg.cna.mediacorpnews.com//articles/2001/09/24/singaporenews5205.htm 24 September 2001 1540 hrs (GMT) 2340 hrs (SST) 'UFO' sighted over Jurong West Residents in Jurong West saw a strange object in the sky on Saturday night, describing it an unidentified flying object that hovered for as long as 15 minutes over some blocks of flats.The UFO sparked excitement and speculation among the residents, some of whom called the Channel NewsAsia hotline.Resident Benjamin Lee captured the object on a video camera, but by the time the camera began rolling, it had moved some distance away."They were shouting and said some flying saucer over the place so I just came out and saw the thing," he said."They said, 'Take your view cam.' So I started taking down the picture. Then the saucer was just hovering over the top of the block, a very bright light."At first I thought it was a chopper. Everybody was saying it's a helicopter but after looking at the lights -- the lights were running around the whole thing -- it looks much more like a saucer." Mr Lee said."I was in the kitchen when I saw the saucer. It was as wide as the flat window," added Joanne Lee."I didn't believe it, so I used a toy telescope to look at it. It was very clear, like a plate, rounded, with blinker lights," another eyewitness, Mr Tan, said."I saw it at 9.45 pm. I used a telescope. There were many lights on the bottom of the saucer. There were three windows. Fifteen minutes later, it flew off in another direction," Madam Yong added.A spokesperson from mobile phone company StarHub thought it could be their lightship, which flew over the Bukit Timah expressway that night.StarHub said the two 1,000-watt lights on the lightship are so bright it could have been mistaken for a UFO.Residents in Bukit Timah apparently saw a similar object but concluded that it was the back of the lightship.

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