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Cascavel, Paraná (Brazil)

Sighted on Saturday 20. January 2001
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Shape: Light | Duration: 50 minutes

A huge bright point in the sky.the object was like a star a lot bigger and brighter than Venus. It wasn't the first time we saw something like that where we are actually living. An interesting thing, is that every time we see it, it has almost the same duration, about 50 minutes. When we look at the same place during the day, nothing is seen. However, it's no sattelite, it moves too slowly and disappears quickly, when it's near to the ground, from our point of view. About the object, it is hard to describe it better than "the larger and brightness point ever seen on the sky"

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Cascavel, Paraná (Brazil) 2001-01-20 Light 50 minutes
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