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Assis Chateaubriand / PR, Paraná (Brazil)

Sighted on Friday 17. December 2010
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 00:10:00

I was on a friday night, around 3 am, playing play station 2 sitting in the living room. the armchair was by the window and my house in front of a very large plantation. when at some point a strong light entered the room. i thought it was some agricultural machinery or car / truck on the freeway that was right after planting. when i realized that the light was not fading i looked out the window and saw in the middle of the plantation a very strong light that pulsed, it was illuminating the front of the whole house and for several minutes i stared at that light. she made no sound and so i disregarded the possibility of being a farm machinery. that light was very close to the house and was on the floor. the plantation moved a lot as if it had several other objects walking among the tall corn. afraid i stopped looking but stood in the room watching the pause screen of the game, until i had the courage to look again and saw the light begin to take off, then closed my eyes until it disappeared. after this event i started having several nightmares and got sick. i had visions with a tall human i have never met in my life and suffered from some strange things i never told anyone. not even to my parents.

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