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Cascavel (Brazil)

Sighted on Tuesday 05. March 2002
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: +/-10 seconds

Flashing light zigzagging extremely fast in the nocturnal skyMy bed is about 3 feet from my bedroom window, and I always look up into the sky before falling asleep everynight. Before last night I had never seen anything unusual. Last night, however, as I laid down in bed, I looked out the window and saw a light flash once up in the sky. Nothing unusual there, except for the fact that less than a second later it flashed again at a distance that I would estimate to be at least 500 meters (1,600ft)from the first point. I jumped out of bed immediately to watch it, thinking that it could have been a supersonic jet, but, to my amazement it flashed again, now much farther away from the second point and not in a direct trajectory line. It flashed several more times, zigzagging in the sky, until it finally vanished behind some trees on top of a hill near the horizon. I kept looking out the window for about five more minutes to see if it would come back, but it didn't.There was no sound associated with the event.I wonder if there are any more reports of sightings similar the one I witnessed last night. Could anyone let me know about it? Thanks

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