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Salome, AZ

Sighted on Saturday 30. March 2002
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 3 hours

Nobody can explain what we saw,I know it's not a weather ballon or star.Really bright white light then changed to blues and reds and greens.I went for a ride in my truck and one of them followed me.When I came back I saw 4 more up in the sky.One was faceing north,one faceing south,three in the west.We were watching them all and the south one moved away first.Then the north one.Then the three west ones all left.We heard no sound at all.The sky was very clear.Temp,52* We saw no airplanes moving in the sky for those 2 hours.((NUFORC Note: We feel that twinkling stars in the clear night sky would be the first possibility that should be ruled out. However, that explanation is only a possibility. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States) 2020-03-24 Circle 00:05:00
Buckeye, Arizona (United States) 2020-03-23 Egg 00:02:00
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Buckeye, Arizona (United States) 2017-12-11 N, A 00:05:00
Wickenburg, Arizona (United States) 2017-10-28 Circle
Yarnell, Arizona (United States) 2017-07-02 N, A 00:00:01
Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States) 2016-12-17 Fireball 00:10:00
Congress, AZ 2016-11-02 Light 20 minutes
Morristown, Arizona (United States) 2016-10-25 Oval 01:00:00
Parker, AZ 2016-10-13 Sphere 10 minutes
Blythe, California (United States) 2016-08-02 Disc 01:00:00
Blythe, CA 2016-08-01 Disk 3
Quartzsite, AZ 2016-07-17 Unknown Unknown
Morristown, Arizona (United States) 2016-05-10 N, A Undisclosed
Wickenburg, AZ 2016-04-16 Rectangle 2 seconds
Parker, AZ 2016-03-01 Light 45 seconds
Quartzsite, AZ 2016-01-23 Changing 30 minutes
Parker, AZ 2015-12-10 Light 8 hours
Parker, AZ 2015-12-10 Rectangle 10 minutes
Wickenburg, Arizona (United States) 2015-08-20 Sphere Undisclosed
Aguila, AZ 2015-07-20 10 seconds
Bagdad, Arizona (United States) 2015-07-20 Cylinder Undisclosed
Utting, AZ 2015-07-12 Light 20 minutes
Congress, Arizona (United States) 2015-05-20 Triangle 00:05:00
Wickenburg, Arizona (United States) 2015-04-07 Cylinder Undisclosed
Vicksburg (east of Quartsite), AZ 2015-03-30 Circle 7 minutes
Wickenburg, Arizona (United States) 2015-02-23 Cylinder Undisclosed
Tonopah, Arizona (United States) 2014-12-01 Disc 00:10:00
Quartzsite, Arizona (United States) 2014-11-28 Sphere Undisclosed
Wickenburg, AZ 2014-09-17 Circle 5 minutes
Wickenberg, Arizona (United States) 2014-08-14 Long and narrow 3 minutes
Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States) 2014-07-13 Disc Undisclosed
Tonopah, Arizona (United States) 2014-06-25 Sphere Undisclosed
Tonopah, Arizona (United States) 2014-06-18 Star-like Undisclosed
Quartzsite, Arizona (United States) 2014-05-29 Fireball 00:05:00
Buckeye, Arizona (United States) 2014-03-18 Star-like Undisclosed
Blythe, CA 2014-02-24 Triangle 5 minutes
Quartzite, AZ 2014-02-16 Oval 30+ minutes
Quartzite, AZ 2014-02-16 Oval 30+ minutes
Parker, AZ 2014-02-13 Light 3 minutes
Salome, AZ 2014-01-23 Light 2 minutes
Congress, AZ 2014-01-21 Light 30 seconds
Quartzite, AZ 2014-01-17 Light 3-4 minutes
Brenda, AZ 2014-01-01 Circle 5 minutes
Congress, Arizona (United States) 2013-11-10 Unknown Undisclosed
Wickenburg, AZ 2013-11-02 Light 20 minutes
Wickenburg, Arizona (United States) 2013-10-23 Fireball, Sphere Undisclosed
Wickenburg, AZ 2013-10-23 Fireball 45
Blythe, California (United States) 2013-07-10 Sphere 00:03:30
Blythe, CA 2013-07-10 Sphere 5 minutes
Wickenburg, AZ (United States) 2013-07-08 Unknown About 5 min
Blythe, California (United States) 2013-06-20 Fireball, Sphere Undisclosed
Blythe, CA 2013-06-19 Sphere 4 minutes
Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States) 2013-05-19 Cylinder 00:01:45
Wenden, Arizona (United States) 2013-05-16 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Tonopah, Arizona (United States) 2013-05-12 Fireball, Flash, Oval, Other, Unknown Undisclosed
Blythe, California (United States) 2013-04-19 Fireball Undisclosed
Parker, AZ 2013-04-18 Fireball 1-2 minutes
Blythe, California (United States) 2013-03-09 Other Undisclosed
Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States) 2012-12-31 Fireball, Flash, Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States) 2012-11-28 Other Undisclosed
Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States) 2012-09-27 Circle, Star-like 00:00:10
Wenden, Arizona (United States) 2012-09-11 Oval, Sphere Undisclosed
Buckeye, Arizona (United States) 2012-08-28 Unknown Undisclosed
Blythe, California (United States) 2012-05-25 Fireball Undisclosed
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-04-01 Disc 00:01:00
Congress, Arizona (United States) 2012-03-17 Circle, Oval Undisclosed
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-02-25 Unknown Undisclosed
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-02-10 Cone 00:04:00
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-02-08 Unknown 00:04:00
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-01-18 Unknown 00:02:00
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-01-14 Disc Undisclosed
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-01-14 Unknown Undisclosed
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2012-01-12 Circle 00:17:00
Tonopah, Arizona (United States) 2012-01-12 Fireball, Oval, Star-like Undisclosed
Hope, Arizona (United States) 2012-01-05 Circle, Fireball, Sphere Undisclosed
Tonopah, Arizona (United States) 2011-11-16 Circle Undisclosed
Wickenburg, AZ 2011-11-08 Triangle short
Parker, Arizona (United States) 2011-09-27 Unknown Undisclosed
Blythe, CA 2011-09-08 Oval 1 hr
Bouse, Arizona (United States) 2011-07-28 Fireball, Sphere Undisclosed
Bouse, Arizona (United States) 2011-06-14 Unknown Undisclosed
Congress, Arizona (United States) 2011-06-14 Cigar, Star-like, Other Undisclosed
Wickenburg, AZ 2011-03-08 Light 4 seconds
Quartzsite, AZ 2011-02-18 Formation 10 min
Blythe, California (United States) 2011-02-16 Sphere Undisclosed
Vicksburg, AZ 2011-02-15 Formation 15 seconds
Wickenburg, Arizona (United States) 2010-10-15 Other Undisclosed
Wickenburg, Arizona (United States) 2010-10-10 Fireball, Sphere, Star-like, Unknown Undisclosed
Bouse, AZ 2010-09-16 Other 15 minutes
Bouse, AZ 2010-09-16 Disk 15
Lake Havasu , Arizona (United States) 2010-08-16 Boomerang, Triangle 00:45:00