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New Zealand

Sighted on Friday 02. August 2002
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 26 minutes

7 crafts, big lights, loud screaching noise, extremely big, dissapears and re-appearsYou may think i'm crazy. But hell!, if you saw this, you'd think you were dreaming.I have this footage on video camera. 26 minutes and 12 seconds of it. The crafts were in the same position as a flock of birds. They were in a V position. One at the front, then two behind it, then two more, and then another two. Me and two other work mates were sitting outside my house having a cigarette and beer when i heard a strange buzzing noise. It was like a loud hum and sharp radio frequency buzz at the same time. At first we thought it was a car, then the phone, then our pages, then even the fridge or microwave. But we couldn't have heard that noise from inside because we were atleast 30 feet away from the house. A small flash like a comet flew directly over us, it was pretty high in the sky though. Then two more, and two more and then two more. All seven crafts flew over my house. We could clearly make out the shape of them. They looked like air-craft that the Navy uses but literally 50 times bigger. They dissapeared every minute or so and then re-appeared with one large lige on each of them. As soon as i got my video camera from inside and ran outside they had already been there for close to a minute. Each time they flew over us the noise they made got more high-pitched. The light on them was at the very bottom-middle of them like on Independance Day. It's quite hard to explain but if you need to see proof, i can post the film onto my website.((NUFORC Note: Witness describes self as an "astronomist." We still have not received a copy of the tape, or still frames taken from it, as of March 2003. PD))

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