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Wellington (New Zealand)

Sighted on Friday 26. July 2002
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Shape: Fireball | Duration: 15 seconds

Fireball with tail, sparkling brilliant blue, wobled a little, travelled fast direccion N-S. Appeared and dissapeared suddenly.Coming home from the train, I was walking down the street when I saw a very bright and very blue ball appearing in the night. It appeared suddenly in front of my eyes, high up on the sky but not as high as a star. It travelled very fast but not totally straight or with uniform speed. It sort of wobled a little for at least three times. As it travelled, it left behind a long stripe or sort of tail behind in such a way that the main point was like a ball but its trail was a thinner line as blue as the ball itself. It flew over me high upon the sky and seconds after I turn backwards to see it going further it dissappeared among the clouds. It travelled N-S. It was too big, too bright, too blue, the tail too long a line to be a star or a plain or anything I ever saw before.

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