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Washington Island, WI

Sighted on Wednesday 04. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 5 minutes

4 large bright white lights in the night sky some flashing and 2 coming on together/no soundIN a clear night sky-Large flashing white lights on opposite ends of Imaginary straight line,lighting at different times, not simotaniously-- with simailar size strong white lights that came on together occasionally ,centered between the two flashing lights- see diagram below. Could not see shape of craft, but the lights were very large-- like headlights on a car that is at close distance. My husband is a private pilot, and although it's almost impossible to judge height and distance in a nightsky, his "Guestimate" is it was out 3 miles and at 3000ft. It was over Lake Michigan, so was not anything on the ground. The lights were probably 100 times larger than the stars in the sky. There was no sound. It was very exciting to see due to the proximity and size of lights. reported to coastguard

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Cornell, MI 2011-02-28 Light 3 minutes
Crivitz, Wisconsin (United States) 2011-02-02 Bullet, Missile, Circle, Diamond, Disc, Oval, Star-like, Other Undisclosed
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Gladstone, Michigan (United States) 2009-11-24 Disc Undisclosed
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Gladstone, Michigan (United States) 2009-09-30 Bullet, Missile Undisclosed
Escanaba, MI 2009-09-11 Light 60 sec.
Gladstone, Michigan (United States) 2009-09-09 Star-like Undisclosed
Escanaba, Michigan (United States) 2009-09-02 Circle, Disc, Saturn-like, Star-like, Triangle Undisclosed
Marinette, Wisconsin (United States) 2009-07-09 Disc, Star-like 00:02:00
Amberg, Wisconsin (United States) 2009-05-23 Unknown Undisclosed
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (United States) 2009-02-24 Other Undisclosed
Kingsford, MI 2008-11-18 Circle 1min
Gladstone, MI 2008-06-25 Disk still happening about 15
Peshtigo, Wisconsin (United States) 2008-04-17 Unknown Undisclosed
Kingsford, MI 2008-02-18 Light 5 minutes
Egg Harbor, Wisconsin (United States) 2007-08-18 Unknown 00:03:00
Glen Arbor, MI 2007-07-22 Light 1 hour
Bailey's Harbor, WI 2007-05-10 Circle 10 SECONDS
Rapid River, Michigan (United States) 2006-11-23 Flash, Triangle 00:03:00
Crivitz, WI 2006-07-15 Circle about one minute
Sturgeon Bay (north of), WI 2006-07-15 Light 15 + minutes
Gladstone, MI 2006-07-03 Other 1 minute
Powers, MI 2005-11-01 Fireball 10 seconds
Carney, MI 2005-09-02 Circle at least 1 hour
Escanaba, Michigan (United States) 2005-05-22 Diamond Undisclosed
Gladstone, MI 2004-08-05 Triangle 10 seconds
Gladstone, MI 2004-07-19 Other 5 seconds
Escanaba, Michigan (United States) 2003-12-03 Disc 00:02:00
Baileys Harbor, WI 2003-07-12 Light 20 seconds