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Guntersville, AL

Sighted on Saturday 07. September 2002
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Shape: Other | Duration: Less than 5 minutes

Two comet-like objects passed in front of us, but each in two different directions (horizontally & ascending) within seconds apart.My husband and I are avid campers and we camp quite a bit in a nearby town called Guntersville at a campground called Honeycomb Campground. We were situated in our boat just above the Guntersville Dam on the Tennessee River. My husband and I have both witnessed some unidentified objects in the sky and on the ground before, but we never really talk about them much until this weekend when something strange happened to us. We were out at about 23:00 pm doing some catfishing. We witnessed an object that appeared to be round fly across the sky just about 200 yards above some treetops. It appeared to be comet-like in appearance but the trail it left behind did not fan out like most comets do. By no means am I an expert, but I am quite sure this was not a comet. It went horizontally straight across the sky above the treetops. It appeared out of nowhere and continued for a long distance across the sky to only disappear in thin air. It has an orange "trail-like" glow behind it, but the circular part up front did not appear to have any glow around it, it was just in front of this trail. It was faster than any jet that we know of. My hubby is an Army brat so he has seen a few up close up and personal. There was NO sound whatsoever. Okay, we were trying to convince ourselves that it must be a comet...however, it never descended toward Earth. Then about 15 seconds later, ANOTHER one, but only this one came from below at the edge of the treetops and ascended into the sky. It had a blue flame and it was almost on top of our heads when it appeared. It had a shorter trip than the first one, but it was just as spectacular. I have never seen a shooting star ascended from that far down into the sky and that quickly to boot. I didn't think a comet could do that either. Had we only seen the first one, we would have wrote the event off as being maybe a meteroid but the mystery was it remained completely horizontal across the sky to disappear as quickly as it appeared. I would have thought had it been a co! met, we would have seen it coming from the distance and approach and then pass by. The altitude at which this occurred seemed to be odd for a jet, but a jet cannot fly this fast.

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