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Le Garn (Ardèche) (France)

Sighted on Friday 16. August 2002
Reported on
Shape: Formation | Duration: 1'

5 strange luminous objects in Ardèche 's sky.The sky was very clear. I could see all constellations and the milky way. There was no moonlight. I'm interesting in astronomy, and I was admiring the night, very clear in Ardèche. I saw 2 or 3 meteorits falling.And then, I saw 1 light flying from South-West to North-East. At first, I believe it was one satellite, but immediately after, I saw the other lights around. They were evoluting irregularly. Sometimes, they were accelerating, and then slowering. Sometimes they were deviating from each others, and after that they were regrouping, but always distinctly. It was flying together, but independantly too. Their moves in any direction were very rapid and sudden. It was no plane, no satellite, nor known astronomic phenomenon or meteorit, wich I know very well. It was disappearing to the North-East in about 1'. I did'nt have the time to call my wife who was sleeping in the room with open door on the garden where I was standing. It was flying very high, in my opinion, minimum at jetflight's heigth. It was completely silent. The 5 lights magnitude were similar with Ursa Major eyesvisible stars.

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