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Rambaud (St. Martin)

Sighted on Tuesday 30. December 2008
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 90 seconds

V shaped wavering bright orange sighting over French St. Martin.French St. Martin, Caribbean At eight minutes past mid night Tuesday December 30, 2008 my son, 12 years old, and I, 42 year old Sales Manager, witnessed an extremey bright object in the sky, coming out of the North East and heading to the South West. In my perpective, it seemed to be about 3000 to 6000 feet up and appeared to us to be seven inches high, I do not know how to calculate what size that would make it. It passed between Anguilla and St. Martin for a duration of 90 seconds, V shaped with extremely bright orange on the bottom, bright red in center and startling white at the top.It appeared to actually waver back and forth due to air resistance as it passed between the two islands, it was not moving at all like meteorites which we have witnessed many times in the past. It may have had a flat surface which would cause this wavering. We watched it pass just fifteen degrees to our North and headed out to open ocean to our South West. It was obviously burning up and started to get smaller and smaller until it burned out before crossing the horizon.The conditions were perfect, cloudless, the moon had already passed over the horizon, very little light polution, we have a video phone, video of it and are trying to enhance it because of the low quality.

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