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Canaules-et-Argentières, Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

Sighted on Sunday 09. September 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

On the morning of the 8th September as myself and a friend sat waiting outside of our apartment at 6am in France, ready to drive back to local airport Montpellier, whilst chatting in the early sunrise daylight, our conversation was interrupted by a very distinctive buzzing sound passing overhead. We both looked up at the same time to see a basketball (possibly slightly larger)sized yellow fiery orb moving at approximately 20-30 mph and travelling horizontally at the same height away from us and above the town house we had rented. The object did not have a drag effect in terms of light or energy whilst it moved, and I felt it was a solid mass of extreme energy. The surrounding environment felt fully charged. The object then stopped and spawned two small (possibly golf ball sized) orbs, which were transparent / blue with an outline and emitted a high pitched chiming sound. The sound was delicate and fun/ playful. A further yellow fiery orb came out of the main orb and positioned itself furthest to the right, but all for were within a few feet of each other. At this point there was a symphony of chimes along with the highly charged sound of the buzzing yellow orbs. Moments later each orb - starting with the smaller yellow orb disappeared. This was completed by the transparent orbs followed by the larger yellow orb. We were left with no residual smoke, fire, sound or smell. Both of us were left in complete bewilderment, and as yet have not been able to find a rationale explanation. Any other incidents of day light / close encounters with orbs like this by other readers or theories. would be interesting to hear.

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