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Chillicothe, TX

Sighted on Sunday 03. November 2002
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Shape: Cylinder | Duration: four minutes

Large white cylinder shaped object - stationary then accerated out of sightWhile driving East bound on Hwy 287 five miles west of Chillicothe, TX, I noticed what looked like bright airplane landing lights. The light went out and a large white cylinder shaped object was visable. Estimate its altitude=6000ft, length=200ft and diameter=40ft. It was stationary. I pointed out to my wife and pulled to the side of he road to look at it. 15 seconds after we stopped it slowly accelerated toward the east. We followed it for 30 seconds maintining the same speed as the object until we reached 75mph. It continued to accelerate until out of site 30 seconds later.This is our first observation of a UFO. We are both Christians, enjoy Star Trek, and do not beleive that non-human aviation exist. I served in the Air Force at NORAD.

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