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Vernon, TX

Sighted on Saturday 29. November 2008
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: undetermined

Bright lights over the southern and south eastern skies of Vernon TexasWe live out in the country about 17miles southwest of Vernon, Texas. For about two months now we have seen objects in the southern, eastern skies. These objects would move radically not accustom to known aircraft. It has been seen that when a plane or jet would be heading in the same direction, the object(light) would go stationary. After the plane or jet had passed the light(object) would continue its radical movements. It is unknown how far these objects are away, but far enough that there is no way to determine the shape or how big the object is. The only description is like looking at a star. Sometimes the lights change colors. The flight pattern (?) of these objects is from side to side, up and down and diagonally and some times in circles. If looking in the sky, possibly do to the distance factor, the objects move the approximate length of a foot in the sky. Also the object is always bright, no flickering as a plane or jet.((NUFORC Note: We suspect stars or planets. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-08-21 Disc 00:05:00
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Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-08-18 Other 00:05:00
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-08-18 Other 00:05:00
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-08-04 N, A 00:00:35
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-07-27 Other
Gould, Oklahoma (United States) 2017-07-09 Unknown 00:00:20
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-06-28 Disc 00:02:06
Burkburnett, Texas (United States) 2017-05-10 Disc 00:00:01
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-05-09 Sphere
On 287 near Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2017-01-04 N, A 00:10:00
Holliday, Texas (United States) 2016-09-28 Sphere 00:02:00
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Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2016-05-29 Oval Undisclosed
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Childress, Texas (United States) 2016-03-17 Cross 00:02:00
Wichita Falls, TX 2016-03-15 2-3 seconds
Vernon, Texas (United States) 2016-01-30 Oval Undisclosed
Childress, Texas (United States) 2016-01-03 Star-like Undisclosed
Electra, TX 2015-11-07 Cigar 30-45 minutes
Altus, Oklahoma (United States) 2015-08-29 Cigar 00:01:00
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2015-08-17 Unknown 00:00:47
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2015-06-25 Sphere 00:01:11
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2015-05-25 Other Undisclosed
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2015-02-24 Sphere Undisclosed
Lawton, OK 2015-01-21 Other 5-10 minutes
Wichita Mountains Wildlif, Oklahoma (United States) 2014-11-10 Star-like
Hollis, Oklahoma (United States) 2014-11-09 Sphere Undisclosed
Hollis, Oklahoma (United States) 2014-10-24 Sphere 00:04:00
Wichita Falls, TX 2014-07-19 Sphere Just a few seconds
Wichita Falls, TX 2014-07-19 Sphere Just a few seconds
Wichita Falls, TX 2014-06-18 Diamond ~3 minutes
Wichita Falls, TX 2014-06-18 Diamond ~3 minutes
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2014-05-28 Blimp Undisclosed
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2014-05-22 Triangle Undisclosed
Wichita Falls, TX 2014-05-16 Changing 1 minute
Wichita Falls, TX 2014-05-16 Changing 1 minute
Lawton, OK 2014-04-21 Circle 11/2 minute
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2014-04-15 Circle 00:02:00
Lawton, OK 2014-01-12 Teardrop 5 seconds
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2013-12-29 Star-like 00:00:10
Lawton, OK 2013-12-10 Triangle 3 minutes
Altus, Oklahoma (United States) 2013-11-26 Star-like Undisclosed
Electra, Texas (United States) 2013-11-11 Circle Undisclosed
Chattanooga, Oklahoma (United States) 2013-10-15 Sphere Undisclosed
Lawton, OK 2013-09-21 Circle
Childress, TX 2013-09-21 Light 3 seconds
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2013-08-16 Oval Undisclosed
Wichita Falls, TX 2013-06-28 Light 2-3 minutes
Electra, Texas (United States) 2013-05-13 Unknown Undisclosed
Walters, Oklahoma (United States) 2013-05-03 Fireball Undisclosed
Indiahoma, OK 2013-03-17 Unknown 20-30 seconds
Wichita Falls, TX 2013-02-28 Light 2-3 minutes
Wichita Falls, TX 2013-02-27 Light 15 seconds
Olustee, Oklahoma (United States) 2012-11-16 Cylinder Undisclosed
Hollis, Oklahoma (United States) 2012-11-09 Cylinder 01:00:00
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2012-09-21 Square, Rectagular Undisclosed
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2012-07-04 Sphere Undisclosed
Electra, Texas (United States) 2012-05-15 Triangle, Unknown 00:12:00
Wichita Falls, TX 2012-04-06 Light 30 minutes
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2012-04-06 Diamond, Star-like, Other 00:30:00
Wildlife Refuge, Medicine Park, Ft. Sill, OK 2012-01-16 Oval
Medicine Park, OK 2012-01-14 Circle
Lawton, Oklahoma (United States) 2011-11-09 Boomerang Undisclosed
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2011-10-15 Diamond Undisclosed
Paducah, Texas (United States) 2011-10-10 Unknown Undisclosed
Geronimo, OK 2011-08-24 Light 1 Hour
Lawton, OK 2011-06-05 Sphere ~ 1 min., 30 sec.
Wichita Falls, TX 2011-04-02 Cylinder 3-5 minutes
Lawton, OK 2011-03-17 Light 5-10 seconds
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2010-10-26 Cross, Star-like, Triangle, Other 00:00:08
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2010-09-25 Boomerang Undisclosed
Burkburnett, Texas (United States) 2010-08-09 Circle, Fireball Undisclosed
Archer City, Texas (United States) 2010-08-06 Circle, Disc Undisclosed
Walters, OK 2010-08-05 Other approx. 30 seconds
Iowa Park, Texas (United States) 2010-02-17 Triangle 03:00:00
Childress, Texas (United States) 2009-09-01 Boomerang 00:01:00
Lawton, OK 2009-08-26 Light 10 minutes
Archer City, Texas (United States) 2009-08-19 Diamond, Other 00:00:10
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2009-08-15 Other Undisclosed
Wichita Falls, Texas (United States) 2009-04-20 Sphere, Star-like 00:00:04
Electra, TX 2009-01-13 Oval 7 seconds
Burkburnett, Texas (United States) 2009-01-06 Star-like Undisclosed
Lawton, OK 2008-10-26 Unknown 10 sec. each
Walters, OK 2008-09-14 Circle 7 minutes