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Pollock, ID

Sighted on Tuesday 19. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Changing | Duration: 20 min.

Bright light SSE of Pollock, Idaho at 20 degrees above horizon that remained stationary for 20 min (spherical to crescent).I noticed a very bright light above the hills to the South of our house. (160 degrees magnetic and approx. 20 degrees above the horizon. My house is approx 1 mile NW of the Pollock Post Office and situated at 3200 ft. ASL.) When I viewed the light through my 7 power binoculars, it appeared as a bright light that was about 1/8" in diameter. The edge of the light was clearly defined. The object stayed stationary during the time we were able to view it, 20 minutes, and then was obscured by clouds. My wife thought she saw a red light circling the light - that is it would disappear on the right side and then reappear on the left side. When she gave me the binoculars, clouds obscurred the object before I could see the red light. During the last 5 minutes of viewing the light seemed to take on a crescent shape - like a sphere the is being illuminated by the Sun.((NUFORC Note: We will invite the witness to check again tomorrow morning, or on the next clear morning, to see if the object is visible again. If it is, it may be Venus, which is visible currently in the morning sky, or a "twinkling" star. PD))

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