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Lexington, KY

Sighted on Monday 15. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 2 Minutes

Plane disappears into belly of hovering craft over Man O'War Blvd. In Lexington KY, and witnesses forgot about it temporarily.This event ranks as THE single strangest thing that has ever happened to me in my life and there are two others that witnessed this as well. I am fuzzy on the date of this event, as somehow, all three of our memories were temporarily wiped clean. As awesome as this spectacle was, we forgot about it, which to me lends more questions than it does answers; Our memories of this event had just gone away -- that was until last night Dec 29, 2002, when my wife made a comment about a strange looking star, and then she said, "was that like the UFO you all saw that night?" Then the forgotten memory hit me like a ton of bricks. We must have told her about it before our memories lapsed.It was sometime in the summer around July or August when this occurred, we are not for sure the date. But, ((female name deleted)), my sister-in-law, ((male name deleted)), my best friend and I were in my back yard. They were smokers and my wife Stacie and I did not allow smoking in doors. It was very late; I run an e-commerce site and at the time was keeping some peculiar hours due to some temporary bouts of insomnia. I would guess it to be between 3-5am EST.I lay in a hammock looking up into the clear night appreciating nature. The only noises to be heard were the whispers of us when we spoke infrequently and the whir of a happenstance car going by on the usually crowded Man O’ War boulevard, a major road running through Lexington, KY, which my backyard borders.A jet in a normal traffic pattern began to fly from east to west. I heard it above us, the unmistakable whining of the jet engines. However, this time, the plane sounded distressed, in retrospect, I believe that the tremendous noise, the strain on the engines were the pilots trying to pull-away from the object in front of it. Although, with some of my memories still being clouded, I believe that the plane may have been distressed and the object in front of it was saving it from disaster, either way, I doubt that I will ever know the whole truth. Whatever it was, we all now saw it. We were in awe looking into the sky, we saw an object, which was masterfully crafted, and expertly engineered open it’s hull to accept the whining passenger jet.The massive hovering object sat in the sky above Man O’ War Boulevard, just to our west and allowed the plane to fly seemingly safely into it. It then closed it’s cargo door and with a strange whining/buzzing/electrical noise took of in a streak leaving behind a tremendous explosion which I assumed was a sonic boom. It ripped into the night sky creating a huge, beautifully galactic light in it’s wake, reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis mixed with the most fantastic lighting storm that you have ever seen.We sat there now in the wake of a booming explosion, and then quiet, nothing happened. No neighbors came to their windows or doors to inspect the calamity. No sirens, which was surprising as Lexington’s Fire Engine Station 16 sat nearly directly below where this occurrence happened.We all looked at each other with many mixed emotions " fear, dumbfounded ness, shock, amazement. I said, "What in the hell just happened here?" No one answered. They stared into the sky trying to figure out the grand, celestial event that had just displayed itself in front of our very eyes. If there hadn’t have been other witnesses to this fact, I would never have mentioned it to a soul for fear of being called crazy. In the silence, I said, "You don’t just see something like that everyday " now do you?" Tom replied in a dumb struck tone, "Nope, no you sure don’t " what just happened?" I replied, "That plane was just taken by that UFO." He then said, "Yep. Yep it sure did." Michele laughed and said, "It sure did. Oh my God.! We were all shaken and a bit frightened, and decided to go back inside to see if ((female name #2 deleted)) heard the commotion. She was asleep and I awoke her, telling her that we saw a UFO. We all remember going to sleep at that time. It was so funny because in the backs of our minds we new that we should do something, call someone, report this news worthy event, but then we forgot, we all forgot.I called ((deleted--female #1)), who is now in Florida last night after remembering. I asked her if she remembered the UFO, she was greeted with a ton of bricks, her memories somewhat returned. We talked awestruck for about 15 minutes or so.What I also find funny about the event is that all of the witnesses just after that incident seemed to keep separate from each other. ((deleted--female #1)) went back to Florida and I haven’t seen ((male)) in a number of months now.I only thank God that I had some people there with me or I would question my own sanity concerning this matter.

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