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Grants Pass, OR

Sighted on Sunday 09. June 2002
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 2 minutes

Sighting of very fast object near Grants Pass, OR that made strange moves, and was pursued by jets.My 22 Year-old son and I were on a camping vacation, and were staying at a KOA campground a few miles south of Grants Pass, OR on the highway to Crescent City, CA It was a totally clear night, and dark enough to plainly see the Milky Way. My son turned the northwest and said, "Look at that light!" I turned to look, and I saw a oval-shaped cream or beige colored light moving from the northwest to the southwest.It was about 20 degrees to the left of being directly overhead. It also appeared to be the size of 5 to 10 average stars, and as bright as Venus at a close approach to earth.It was moving in a straight line and moving much faster than a satellite. We saw it coming toward us, pass us and move away from us, and there was no tail or trail whatsoever. During the time we watched it, its outline remained highly defined.After it passed us and traveled some distance away from us, it suddenly accellerated and moved rapidly forward and to the side at the same time. It made a scallop-shaped trajectory somewhat like tracing the fingers of a glove. At the top of the third "finger" it instantaneously disappeared.My son and I sat down and compared impressions of what we had just seen, and they were almost exactly the same. While we were talking, and approximately 5 to 10 minutes after the sighting, several (5 to 10) jets flying without navagation lights, but with afterburners on came from the northwest along the same path the light had traveled. When they reached the approximate spot where the object had accellerated and began the strange sideways movements. They broke and buzzed the general area for a short time, then left.The incident left me with several impressions, but no facts to back them up. I believe the object was very high in the upper atmosphere. I also believe that a human being could not have lived through the movements this object made just before it disappear, and the speed was so great that the pursuit jets had no chance of even keeping with with this object.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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