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Rhinelander, WI

Sighted on Monday 15. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 1 hour

as stated above, the vehicle moved across the sky, all the while looking strangely similar to a star.I was staring at the stars on my back deck, as the sky was full of them and crystal clear. I had been staring at them for so long that I had gotten a neck ache. I suddenly saw one of the stars start to move. I thought this was interesting because we had a bad ass metior shower about a week before this happened and I just couldnt understand how it would still be going on after. Then I noticed something odd. The star never disappeared, like you would expect it to in a metior shower. It traveled across the sky at a fairly quick pace. I thought well, it must be a sattellite. But then it started to move all over in the sky, and in quick and rapid motions, it would make sharp turns. obviosly this was not a sattellite. As I continued to look at it, the light ( it must have been as artifial one, made to disguise it like a star) would get very big, and then fade away. A short while later (5 seconds at the most) it would appear in another section of the sky, darting from place to place to place, so easily that I could definetly tell that this was something straight out of a videogame or something. And it would always fade out, then reappear. i called my mom out, but she said that she couldnt see it. I guess I couldnt blame her, as the sky was full of stars that night. this continued for about an hour, as I sat and watched this machine continue to do this same thing, until i finally called my friend who lives in the woods on the outskirts of town to get his ass out side and look at the sky, but he didnt see it either.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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