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Sisseton, SD

Sighted on Wednesday 21. August 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 1 min

Intelligent white light floating above us. Took off when it knew we seen it.Last summer my younger brother (age 18) and I age (34) were outside my trailer house shooting off fireworks into a soybean field and then playing around with a spotlight shining it in the fields looking for coyotes, when I happened to look up as something caught my attention. The night was clear, dark and warm with a slight breeze and a lot of stars. There was no moon. Directly overhead of me (At a high altitude, or so it seemed.) was a bright white light, with a haze around it, about the size of a 50 cent piece held at arms length away. At first I thought it was the moon because it was bright, shining down on us. I told my brother to look up which he did and said "What is that?" Exactly when my brother looked up the light shrank to the size of a pea held at arms length away. It seemed like it knew we had seen it. What creeped me out the most was that I wondered how long it was above us shining down on us before I (we) noticed it. The light sat still for about 5 seconds then moved South of us at a slow speed, and then blinked off. I am familiar with aircraft and satellites and stars and planets and I'm 99.9% sure it wasn't any these objects. I would compare the sighting to a helicopter shining a dim spotlight on us from a great distance above. But the light emitted no noise and was totally silent. The light seemed to know we had seen it and took off!((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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