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Watertown, South Dakota (United States)

Sighted on Monday 18. May 2009
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: Undisclosed

In South Dakota this time of year its cold at nigt this night was breezy and warm enough to sit on my swing in the back my 5 yr old daughter was with me as school is out, when I noticed a very bright light to my right going west to east and I told my daughter look do you ee that light right there as I pointed she says yes mommy I want to go in now. I stayed outside and whispered to my husband in the kitchen "come here" and he was too late the big silent non blinking white lite dissappeared behind a tree and was gone. I like sitting outside when the weather allows so a few months back I have seen something I repoted to mufon and the response was it wasn irridium flash satellite, well this was not tha and I can point sattellites out like cazy and I know how slow they go this big light was riding the sky fast.

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