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Pocatello, ID

Sighted on Friday 12. July 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 30 Minutes

Multiple ObjectsMe and a friend had been out at a bar just down the road from our house. We had only a couple of drinks over a period of hours, so intoxication was very minimal. As the bar closed, we proceeded to walk home, living only a block from one another. We decided to cut through a park down the street from our homes, and being a very beautiful, warm evening, lied on the grass and BSed for a few minutes. We were staring up at the night sky, which was completely cloud free, when, at an incredible speed, 3 bright objects in triangle formation flew over head without making a sound. We were stunned. We began discussing the possibilities of what it could have been. I also recall that, do to the speed it was going, we estimated that if it wanted it could travel around the world in about half an hour. Then, about 20 to 30 minutes later, the object returned, not from the horizon it was traveling towards, but from the horizon it came from the first time. This time there were two more object in the same triangle formation, making up 5, and behind the object was another single object that seemed to be tailing it, at the same speed, with a visibly bright orange object pulsating around it. The following month me and a lot of friends were at a barbeque. The sky was clear, and it was dusk, the sun had not yet set and there were no stars visible. Traveling in an East/West direction a friend and I (different friend this time) witnessed a bright orange object shoot across the sky at incredible speed. About 30 seconds to a minute later it was followed by, again, 3 bright, star like objects in triangle formation. I live 10 miles from a small airport and am very familiar with the look, speed and behavior of private and commercial planes, and have even flown a plane on one occasion with a pilot I knew. These objects were not planes, not weather balloons, and certainly not the reflection of light off the stomachs of ducks, which have all been given to us as possible explanations. They say seeing is believing.I'm a believer!

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Pocatello, Idaho (United States) 2012-06-20 Chevron 00:10:00
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Pocatello, ID 2011-09-05 Light 15 minutes
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Lava Hot Springs, ID 2008-05-26 Changing about 2minutes
Rigby, ID 2007-12-20 Fireball 3 min.
Idaho Falls, ID 2007-08-19 Unknown 30 sec
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