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Grants, NM

Sighted on Sunday 14. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 30min still going

Two orange flashing lights with two different color lights at bottom. The top light keep blinking on and offLooking West seen a set of lights blinking. Almost look like a smiling face. The top lights are orange and the bottom lights are blue and light orange. They keep blinking the top lights one after the other and then will disappear after a few seconds and start up again. The time was 2:15 am whn I noticed it and it is now 2:56 am and it is still visible.((NUFORC Note: We suspect the sighting is due to a "twinkling" star. We have corrected the date above. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Cibola County (SR 117, MM32), NM 2016-04-22 Disk 30 minutes
Continental Divide, New Mexico (United States) 2015-11-28 Disc Undisclosed
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Gallup, New Mexico (United States) 2015-07-04 Disc 00:00:10
San Rafael, New Mexico (United States) 2015-04-14 Disc Undisclosed
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Moreno Hill Road, Santa Rita Mesa, Fence Lake, NM 2014-09-15 Many shapes minutes
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Canoncito, New Mexico (United States) 2014-09-01 Sphere 10:00:01
Mentmore, New Mexico (United States) 2014-07-01 Square, Rectangular 00:00:05
Milan, New Mexico (United States) 2014-06-17 Star-like Undisclosed
Gallup, New Mexico (United States) 2014-04-29 Oval 00:07:00
San Rafael (near), NM 2014-04-22 Circle 15 seconds
San Rafael (near), NM 2014-04-22 Circle 15 seconds
Grants, New Mexico (United States) 2014-04-16 Triangle Undisclosed
Grants, NM 2014-04-15 Triangle 1 minute
Pie Town, NM 2014-02-14 Disk 2-3 minutes
Gallup, NM 2013-11-01 Light 1 hour
San Fidel, New Mexico (United States) 2013-08-11 Diamond, Star-like Undisclosed
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loma larga, New Mexico (United States) 2010-04-15 Unknown 00:00:00
Gallup, New Mexico (United States) 2009-10-20 Circle, Other Undisclosed
Crown Point, New Mexico (United States) 2009-06-17 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Continental Divide, NM 2009-04-20 Other 8 seconds
Grants, New Mexico (United States) 2009-04-20 Teardrop, Other Undisclosed
Gallup, NM 2008-04-18 Other 2 minutes
Gallup, NM 2008-03-23 Formation 20 minutes
Gallup, NM 2008-03-22 Changing 15-20 minutes
Gallup, NM 2008-03-22 Changing 15-20 minutes
Thoreau, New Mexico (United States) 2007-01-22 Triangle 00:15:00
Pie Town, NM 2006-06-18 Cone 3 minutes
Pie Town, NM 2006-01-02 Diamond 3 hours
Correo, NM 2005-10-14 Light 15 minutes
Crownpoint, NM 2005-08-31 Changing
Laguna Pueblo, NM 2005-03-10 Circle 3 Evenings
Pie Town, NM 2004-09-01 Sphere 5 minutes
Gallup, NM 2004-05-16 Light
Gallup, NM 2004-03-10 Light 30+ minutes
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Sky CIty, NM 2003-11-15 Other 5 min.
Gallup, NM 2003-04-20 Light 3:00 minutes
Sky City, NM 2002-10-07 Fireball 3 to 5 second
Grants, NM 2002-10-01 Fireball 3 to 10 seconds
Gallup, NM 2002-03-15 Light 5 minutes
Bluewater Lake, NM 1998-07-02 Light 20 min
Gallop N.M., Arizona (United States) 1992-03-31 Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Disc, Flash, Oval, Sphere, Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Triangle, Other, Unknown Undisclosed
Gallup, New Mexico (United States) 1991-07-04 Other Undisclosed
Grants (southeast of), NM 1991-05-05 Light 2 minutes
Gallup, New Mexico (United States) 1967-08-15 Teardrop Undisclosed
Continental Divide, NM 1915-11-28 Circle Minutes
Blue Water, NM Changing 3 hrs