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Gallup, NM

Sighted on Friday 15. March 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 5 minutes

Strange star-like object emits lights from sky.On the evening of March 15, 2002 as the moon sat in the western sky, my husband and I noticed what looked like a star just beneath the moon. Maybe a little to the right. At first we assumed it was a star but not until it started to appear brighter and brighter. Then it casted a beam (like a huge spotlight) at first straight ahead then it slowly beamed downward. As the light slowly disappeared what seemed to be clouds started taking shape. The light was completely gone and the clouds started to fade very slowly.My husband and I had pulled over hoping someone had witnessed what we just saw unfortunately we were the only ones on the road. We were hoping someone other than in our vicinity had witnessed this event. We had never seen anything like it before. I mean it couldn't have been an aircraft of any kind much less a missil. What kind of aircraft or missile would make a very bright light? Although it scared us, it was in a way made a beaufiyl scenery.I knew that if this was reported there would be some kind of excuse or cover up for it. Not until a few years later I became aware of this website and to my surprise there were similar sightings reported. So I decided to report the incident.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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San Rafael (near), NM 2014-04-22 Circle 15 seconds
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Ganado, AZ 2011-10-05 Other 4 mins
Ganado, Arizona (United States) 2011-06-12 Star-like 00:04:10
Chaco Culture National Park, NM 2011-03-25 Light 2 minutes
Chaco Culture National Park, NM 2011-03-15 Other 5 seconds
Tsaile, AZ 2011-03-02 Oval 20 seconds
St Michaels, Arizona (United States) 2010-07-04 Star-like, Unknown Undisclosed
Crystal, NM 2009-11-26 Light 5 minutes
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Grants, NM 2008-12-14 Unknown 30min still going
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Gallup, NM 2008-03-22 Changing 15-20 minutes
Gallup, NM 2008-03-22 Changing 15-20 minutes
Window Rock, AZ 2007-12-04 Oval 5 seconds
Thoreau, New Mexico (United States) 2007-01-22 Triangle 00:15:00
Highway 371, NM 2006-12-12 Triangle 30 Seconds
Wide Ruins, AZ 2006-10-01 Cylinder 2 minutes
Window Rock, Arizona (United States) 2005-12-07 Teardrop Undisclosed
Window Rock, Arizona (United States) 2005-10-19 Sphere 00:25:00
St. Michaels, AZ 2005-09-29 Light 50 minutes
Window Rock, Arizona (United States) 2005-09-29 Sphere Undisclosed
Window Rock, Arizona (United States) 2005-09-29 Sphere Undisclosed
Crownpoint, NM 2005-08-31 Changing
Gallup, NM 2004-05-16 Light
Gallup, NM 2004-03-10 Light 30+ minutes
Mariano Lake, NM 2004-01-14 Oval 10 minutes
Sanders, AZ 2003-12-10 Cigar 5 minutes
Sanders, AZ 2003-08-28 Light 2-3 minutes
Crystal, NM 2003-07-05 Cigar less than a min.
Gallup, NM 2003-04-20 Light 3:00 minutes
Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, NM 2002-10-16 Light 3 minutes?
Grants, NM 2002-10-01 Fireball 3 to 10 seconds
Window Rock NM/AZ, AZ 2002-06-01 Oval 11:00 am 1:pm
Navajo, NM 2002-01-30 Triangle 3 min. 39 sec.
Fort Defiance, Arizona (United States) 2001-01-10 Unknown 02:04:18
Chaco Canyon, NM 1999-11-06 Other 5
Bluewater Lake, NM 1998-07-02 Light 20 min
Ganado, AZ 1993-03-01 Other 20years
Gallop N.M., Arizona (United States) 1992-03-31 Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Disc, Flash, Oval, Sphere, Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Triangle, Other, Unknown Undisclosed
Sanders, Arizona (United States) 1991-07-04 Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Gallup, New Mexico (United States) 1991-07-04 Other Undisclosed
Grants (southeast of), NM 1991-05-05 Light 2 minutes
Ganado, Arizona (United States) 1986-06-15 Egg 01:00:00
Gallup, New Mexico (United States) 1967-08-15 Teardrop Undisclosed
Continental Divide, NM 1915-11-28 Circle Minutes
Blue Water, NM Changing 3 hrs