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Lupton, Arizona (United States)

Sighted on Monday 01. October 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

I was on my way home from phoenix back to the reservation and was nearing the end of my trip. As I came over the hill going eastbound on the I-40 near a rest stop, which used to be a place called fort courage, I noticed a light off in the distance toward the cliffs, of the New Mexico and Arizona border. As I was driving I thought to myself, I have driven through these parts many times, and I could never recall a tower of any on top of the cliffs. My first thought was it was a plane or helicopter making its way to gallup, NM. But as I continued to drive, the ball of light was to low to the cliffs and I continued to observe it and noticed it had not moved nor did the light ever flicker. More like a solid ball of light in the sky. The conditions of that night were light rain here and their, and opening to the night sky through the clouds. Being on the I-40, I now that others traveling that highway would have never known that nothing was suppose to be there. I never stop to take a better look at it, knowing I was by myself. I have told my family of the incident and from my father, he has had said the same of an incident long ago, before I was born, while working as a forest ranger out near dulce, NM, he observed from a tower in daytime a solid ball hovering above the tree line. He had said he radio in to another tower near him and gave them the direction of what he was seeing, the other tower said that they don't see anything from there position. It feels foolish to write about this, because my father and I are both Marines, and we have both served in wars. He, Vietnam and I, Iraq. What I observed, I know was not no plane, helicopter, balloon, blimp, drone, or anything I have ever seen.

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